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Getting Creative: IKEA RUSCH DIY Wall Clock Hacks

DIY IKEA RUSCH Wall Clock Hacks

This was an exercise in getting creative. The RUSCH clocks from IKEA here only cost US0.84 each. So I bought a few, and tried to come up with some ideas on how to hack them into better looking clocks. My first attempt was spray painting the clock frame. I soon realized that anyone who’s been to IKEA would know I just sprayed painted their clock black. So my focus shifted to taking the clock frame apart and using the black box that holds all the mechanical parts, and even reusing the round plastic cover.

Here are the clocks:

The Black Beast

Black Wall Clock DIY

DIY Wall Clock

For this one I ended up reusing the round plastic cover of the clock. Those little number points – they were made from cutting up the seconds hand.

Drill Clock

About to drill the plastic cover. This was also done for the White on White and the Dressed Up clocks below. Wire cutters were used to cut of the plastic tabs that hold the cover into the RUSCH’s frame.

Cutting Mat

Cutting up the seconds hand to create the number placements.


Since I didn’t want the seconds hands on any of the clocks, I ended up cutting them off the round tabs. I still needed this part to cover up the hole. The tabs were then spray painted.

White on White

Pure White Clock

Pure White Clock

This was one of the other clocks that reused the RUSCH’s plastic cover. No number placements this time.

Dressed Up

Fabric Clock

DIY Fabric Clock

The last clock to reuse the plastic cover. This time fabric was glued over the cover and little mohawks were created around the edges.

Double Dose



Double Dose makes use of the RUSCH clock and the MARIT place mat.



Glued cardboard to the back of the mat to make it stiff, then stabbed a hole through.


Horizon Clock

Horizon Clock

This last clock was made out of a serving tray found at the dollar store. Drilled a hole through it then hit that bad boy with some white, then black spray paint.

IKEA Spray Paint

Spray painting inside an IKEA shopping bag. Hitting the serving tray with the first coat of white.

The End

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May 23, 2013 in DIY, Made By HtA


One Response to Getting Creative: IKEA RUSCH DIY Wall Clock Hacks

  1. Jackie June 4, 2013 at 9:47 pm #

    These are beautiful! I think I’m going to go pick up a Rusch clock and some spray paint this weekend 🙂