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Rustic Decor Ideas For a Basement

Rustic Basement Ideas

Keep these few things in mind when creating a rustic style in a room.

The Materials: When it comes to rustic basement ideas and the design style, these are the materials to use:

  • Stone: This can come in the form of floor tiles, used on the walls, or if you are planning on building a bar counter (8 Different Basement Bar Ideas and Designs) then the base of it can be made out of stone (1).
  • Wood: If you have wooden beams then having these exposed and on display will create a rustic setting as seen in picture (2). Raw wooden stairs is another way of creating a rustic space (3) (4). Sliding wooden doors would be a great addition (5).
  • Wrought Iron: The most common interior design piece made up of wrought iron would be light fixtures (Design Guide: Basement Lighting Ideas and Options). The door railing in the sliding door picture above uses it – you can also find some shelves made out it too. For more decorative elements, look to hang up and display wrought iron numbers or letters (6) (or how about a horseshoe?).
  • Concrete: This would not be a traditional choice for rustic decor, but can be used for a more modern, industrial style. For example having it stamped to give it a rustic texture – used for the walls or the floor, check out the wall in picture (7).

Decor: Other rustic decor pieces include old school antlers, or a great alternative would be drift wood found on a beach (8). There is also reclaimed wood and pallets to use for shelving, chairs, and tables (Basement Decorating Ideas and Designs For The Dream Home).

Lighting: When it comes to lighting we have mention using light fixtures made out of wrought iron, but specific lights to consider would be hanging wall lanterns (9). Or how about a fire place if you live somewhere cold (10)?

Furniture: Leather and wood are the best choices for furniture when it comes to creating a rustic styled basement (11)1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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