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A Design Guide for Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Dining Room Lighting Ideas

When it comes to dining room lighting ideas, the most important area to focus on is the table. People want to see what they are eating, and you can change the mood of the room with the right lights.

The lights fixtures to go for in this area will depend on the kind of dining table you have. Whatever table style you have, long/short/round, you’ll want to have lighting that comes down from the ceiling, and brings the light closer to the table.  If you have a long table, then you’ll want to have multiple pendant lights going across the table just like in pictures (1) and (2). For smaller tables, like a round one, an elegant single pendant light will work best. Some great styles include the ones in pictures (3) and (4), along with drum lights. Another option would be a mini chandelier (5). Picture (6) shows a dining room that is using multiple types of lighting fixtures (pendant and wall lights). Using different types of lights is always a good choice when it comes to lighting design because you create different layers and lighting effects – making for a better lit space.

A good idea would be to have the lights above the table hooked up to a dimmer switch (7). This way you can instantly change the setting from a bright normal dinner to a more romantic and intimate one.

When it comes to more general ambient lighting in the dining room some ideas include: wall lights, cove lighting which can be seen at the top of picture (8), and modern recessed lights (9)1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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