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Simple DIY Clay Photo Display Stands

DIY Air Dry Clay Photo DisplayAfter working on the travel photos confetti project, I started looking for more ways to display photographs around the house. This is the first time I’ve used air drying clay (it feels funny) – so there was a little bit of experimenting involved.

Here is the first batch of diy photo stands:

Clay Cutting Board

I was using DAS air drying clay, so after cutting a piece of the clay to shape I waited 5-10 minutes for the clay to harden a bit before creating a grove for the photos to sit in.

I thought I could create tiny little pieces, but soon realized that air drying clay is pretty light weight and so any large photographs would tip the photo stand over. The first batch was hand molded. It’s quite tough to get a perfect shape (sphere, cube, etc.). So for the next batch I went looking for things I could use as molds/cutters.

The triangular pencil sharpener ended up making the best shapes:

Cutting Molds

Here are some of my travel photographs I printed out on some thick watercolor paper:

Travel Photos

Polaroid Style Photos Printout

Here are some pictures of the final pieces, painted with glossy white and black paint:

DIY Photo Stand

Clay Photo Stand

Close Up Photo Stand

Clay Photo Displays

Trying out different shapes:

Polaroid Photo Stand

Clay Shapes


Mini Displays

In the end, the triangle shape worked best:

DIY Clay Stands

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May 30, 2013 in DIY, Made By HtA


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  1. PostalPix November 5, 2013 at 7:43 pm #

    We’d LOVE to recreate this DIY for our followers! We will be sure to credit you for this great idea. Thanks!