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Decorating Basement Walls: Ideas from Stamped Concrete to Chalkboard Paint

Basement Wall Ideas

Paint would be the simplest choice (A Palette Guide To Basement Paint Colors), but there are a few unique things that can be done with it. For example there are a number of texture painting techniques like using a sponge to create a marble looking wall, or using a brush to create linen looking wallpaper as seen in picture (1).

(2) A stone wall will create a very rustic, wine cellar look. (3) While brick veneer, thin slices of brick, create a raw and rugged feel.

(4) When it comes to concrete walls there is the option to have it stamped. This is when concrete is patterned to look like stone, bricks, slate, tiles, or even wood. Or how about getting the concrete polished or acid stained to color it?

(5) A stucco wall is another textured wall idea.

(6) Don’t forget finishing touches like crown molding. Or go a step further and fit the crown molding a few inches below the ceiling and have lights sit on top of it, bouncing light off of the ceiling and into the room (Design Guide: Basement Lighting Ideas and Options).

For more special basement wall ideas, try and tailor the wall decorations to the purpose of the room. For example if the basement space is for a playroom or a home office how about turning the wall into a huge chalkboard by using special chalkboard paint just like in picture (7). (8) Storage units (cupboards, book shelves, wine racks, etc.) can be used to fill up a wall. (9) A home gym would need wall mirrors, a home theater could use sound proofing, a man cave or bar would have walls with wooden panels or sporting memorabilia.

(10) Lastly, a photo frame layout is a great way of decorating a basement wall. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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February 8, 2013 in Basement, Construction

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