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Design Ideas for Basement Pole Covers: From Functional to Decorative

Ideas Basement Pole Covers

The simplest way of decorating and doing up your basement poles is to add trimming to the top and bottom of them – just like in picture (1). You can go a step further and fit wainscoting to break up a flat pole. One easy way to add some functionality to the pole is to add a wrap around shelf. Architectural Depot sells the wrap around shelf in picture (2) and they sell the column cover and trimming in picture (3).

Other ways of adding functionality to the poles is to turn them into storage shelves (4) (5) (6), or if your poles are wider apart – a desk, or a kitchen/bar counter can be fitted in between them. Or how about turning a pole into a display shelf with a built in light just like in picture (7)?

Some other decorative design options for basement pole covers would be to use rock (8) or wooden (9) cladding. If the space is for a playroom, you can turn a pole into a fake tree with branches (basement playroom ideas) or simply use rubber padding. If the space is for a home gym, some ideas include fitting the poles with full body length mirrors, or attaching a TV screen or speakers (basement gym designs). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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June 4, 2013 in Basement, Construction

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