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Ideas For a Basement Staircase: Designs, Railings, Storage, and More

Basement Stair Ideas

Who knew there would be so many options when it comes to basement stair ideas and designs? You have everything from the steps, to the railings, and where to put the door or to have one at all (and what about the nook under the stairs?).

The Finished Product: The finished stairs themselves can be carpeted, wooden (1), or painted (2). How about going uber fancy with some floating stairs (3)?

The Steps: When it comes to the steps they can be solid blocks or have a lip on them as seen in picture (4).

Staircase Design: Some options when it comes to the overall design and layout of the staircase include having it broken up into multiple levels (seen in picture (5)), or have the steps widen at the bottom to create a more dramatic entrance (6).

Railing Options: The type of railing you put in will be based on the style you want your home/basement to be. For a modern and sleek look how about glass paneling (7) or brushed steel rails. For a more traditional look wrought iron railing would be best (8) or wooden stair railing (9) (Rustic Décor Ideas For a Basement). Then there is the option of not having any railing and enclosing the staircase seen in picture (10).

The Door: One thing to do to create a more inviting basement space would be to have the door at the bottom of the steps (11). Or go without a basement door at all.

The Nook Under The Stairs: If you are planning a remodeling of the basement and are putting in a new staircase, plan out what you’ll be doing with the space under the stairs. This can be turned into a great nook for a home office (Ideas For Turning a Basement Space Into A Home Office), a playroom (Fun Basement Playroom Ideas: From Softening the Floor to Swings) or a storage area (12).

The Side Wall: The wall going down alongside the stairway can be designed for a number of things. It can simply be used to hang up décor (13). Hooks can be fitted to it to store extra jackets, or how about hanging extra shelves if the staircase is wide enough (14) – for more storage ideas have a look at our post here (In The Basement: Storage and Organization Ideas). Or it can just be lined with stone or painted over (Decorating Basement Walls: Ideas from Stamped Concrete to Chalkboard Paint).

Safety: Lighting also needs to be taken into consideration around the staircase, for ideas check out our post here (Design Guide: Basement Lighting Ideas and Options). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14

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