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Closet Lighting Ideas: From Wireless to Walk In

Closet Lighting Ideas: From Wireless to Walk In

The types of closet lighting ideas you use will depend on the type of closet you have. There are free standing closets (like the PAX closet from ikea), built in, tiny room with a door, or full on walk in closets. One thing is for sure, no matter what closet you have, is that you want the light to hit all of the shelves making it easier for you to find your things.

The FASTEST Way of Adding Closet Lighting – DIY Wireless and Battery Powered

The fastest way of adding lighting to the shelves in your closet is to use battery powered lights. Instead of having to drill holes and wire the lights, you can simply stick a wireless light in there. These lights have an adhesive on the back of them, so they simply stick to the sides of the closet just like in picture (1), to the top (2), or anywhere you want inside the closet.

There are two types of wireless closet lighting fixtures that you can get. You can get the magical motion sensor lights just like the ones below – when you open the closet these lights will automatically turn on. Another type is the tap pucks, you turn them on simply by tapping them.

Battery Wireless Lights

The wireless motion light above and more like it can be bought on Amazon here

The good thing about these DIY wireless lights is that they are so quick and easy to install, and cheap. The downside is they are not permanent features – you have to replace the batteries/lights and they don’t add that luxurious touch to your closets.

Putting in Those Wires

Getting wired closet lights is a good way to go. You can even get them wired up to a door jamb, so that when you open the closet door, the lights will automatically come on.

Some ideas and solutions include using wired puck lights to light up individual shelves. Another option is to have lamps fitted to the top of closet pointing in as seen in picture (4), or track ceiling lights where you angle the individual lights to different areas of the room, one being into the closet (5).

IKEA has the BESTA shelving range that is made to have integrated lights fitted into them. There is also the PAX closet system, these too can have IKEA lights fitted into them – these lights will automatically come on when you open the closet door (6).

You can even find closet railings that have LED lights imbedded in them, just like in picture (7).

Walk In Closet Lighting Design

For walk in closets, you will also need the display lights to light up the shelves mentioned above – puck lights, directional lamps, or track lights. You can even get creative and fit lights behind the shelves, and add a soft glow – just like in picture (8).

Walk in closets will also need ambient lighting, so general ceiling lights (like recessed ones) (9), wall lights, or pendant lights (10). Solar tubes are great for day time lighting. These tubes are fitted into your ceiling and bring sunlight into your closet. You can even get tubes that have an LED ring, so they can be used at night.

If you have any countertops or an island, these would be good places to have a light. Like a table lamp, plugged into a electrical socket that is in the island. Or a pendant light that hangs down from the ceiling right above the island.

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