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Fishes Swimming in The Night: Outdoor Pond Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Pond Lighting Ideas

There are 3 kinds of outdoor pond lighting ideas. It would be best to use a bit of all three to mix it up and create a great looking space at night. For me the best garden pond lighting design is when you light up parts of the pool but leave an area dark for the fishes to hide into.

1. Underwater Pond Lighting

First up is lighting that goes underwater. Some options here include stake lights that are fitted to the bottom of the pond. Another option would be lamps that look like rocks that are weighed down to the bottom of the pond. Then you have lights that are fitted into the rock bed on the sides of the pond – called recessed lights just like in picture (1). The one thing that is hard to get away from with these below pond lights is that they are all wired. When it comes to above pond and perimeter lighting you can get away with easy to install solar lights.

Pond Light Fixtures

The pond lights in the picture above can be bought here

2. Above Water Lighting

One of the easiest and fastest ways of adding lighting to your pond is to use floating solar lights. These lights simply float above the water and will automatically come on at night. There are two kinds available. There are floating lights that have the light bulb above the water – so they bathe the surface of the pond with light (2) (3). Then there is the version that has the lightbulb resting on the bottom of the light fixture creating a moonlight effect underwater.

If you have a waterfall feature, this would be a good spot to light up – like in pictures (4) and (5). Or if you have a fountain to help aerate the pond, this could have an LED light fitted to the base of it.  And you’ll be treated to a light show if you get the LED lights that change color.

3. Around the Pond – Perimeter Lighting

Perimeter lighting creates a water wonderland at night, but it is also for safety as it will outline the edges of the pond. Some ideas here include – solar stake lights planted into the garden just like in picture (6). You can also find solar lights shaped into rocks that can be arranged around the pond.

LED pond lighting fixtures like rope lights can be twisted and fitted to outline the pond. Then you have string lights that can be wrapped around nearby trees, draped over bushes, or hung from the house to a tree/pole/beam over the pond.

The key is to keep it simple and buy high quality light fixtures. 1/2/3/4/5/6

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December 25, 2013 in Lighting, Outdoors

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