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Getting Crafty: DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor DIY Lighting Ideas

With a little creativity, there is a lot that can be done in the DIY department when it comes to outdoor lighting. The good thing about the DIY outdoor lighting ideas below is that they don’t require any hard wiring.

The Beauty of the Flame

One quick way of adding lighting outdoors is by using fire! Design Sponge has 2 great DIY lighting projects. The first is a tin can lantern that has holes punched in them to add a decorative flair seen in picture (1). The second project is a how to guide to making the elegant bottle tiki torches in picture (2).

If it is winter time, why not use 2 bowls (one small bowl weighed down in a bigger bowl) to create ice lanterns. Freeze in some plants or flowers at the same time to add in some decor. Pop in a votive candle and you are done – you have your own ice lantern (3) perfect for a winter wedding or just garden decor.

Any outdoor table, like on a patio (Low Effort Decor: Easy to Do Patio Lighting Ideas), can have some tabletop lighting added to it. Candles in lanterns (to protect from the wind) work as seen in picture (4), so do oil lanterns and battery operated/wireless lights.

Hanging votive candles are a beautiful sight. Head on over to In My Own Style to see how to make the hanging glass globe votive holders seen in picture (5).

And how about this simply ingenious idea by a A Subtle Revelry (6). Just by using candles and wooden stakes you can quickly make your own tiki torches.

Oh String Lights

One of my favourite light fixtures (they are so cheap, and so much can be done with them!). Check out my post here for a bunch of photos and ideas on what can be done with them outdoors: Home Decor Ideas: Creative Ways of Using String Lights Outdoors. In picture (7) string lights have been stuffed inside an old oil lantern to create a hanging lamp.

Wrap string lights around a hola hoop and hang that up to create your own DIY outdoor chandelier. Wrap them around trees, railings – anything really! Hang them overhead to create a nice soft glow (8). Paper lanterns can also be added to the mix to create a romantic and whimsical outdoor setting – just like in picture (9).

From the Sun

On the solar front, old mason jars and solar lights can be combined to create elegant SunJars seen below. You can follow along with the instructions at Creative Cain Cabin. Mason Jars can also be used as votive (or battery powered) candle lanterns – just like in the picture below. Check out my post here for more Mason Jar ideas: Home Decor Ideas: Using Mason Jars.

Mason Jar DIY Ideas

An Outdoor Chandelier

There are a few ways you can go about creating your own outdoor chandelier. One way is to use string lights and a hula hoop, mentioned above. In picture (10) a chandelier has been made using jars, a piece of wood and candles. Or how about using a large plant basket to hang up an arrangement of candles (11). 10/11

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  1. Penny Bayley January 15, 2014 at 4:07 am #

    Do it yourself outdoor lighting is great, I now know what I’m doing to our palapa this year. Thanks a bunch!