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Home Decor Ideas: Using Mason Jars

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

The reason I like Mason Jar craft ideas is because glass is a classic, timeless and premium material. Would you rather drink out of a plastic or glass cup? Because of the vintage feel Mason Jars have, a lot of people have done amazing things with them.

Housing Memories 

One of my favourite kinds of DIY projects is finding different ways to create photo stands. Yup, you can use Mason Jars to showoff photos just like the ones from a wedding in picture (1). The more vintage looking the photos the better – how about using black and white photos?

In the Kitchen and Beyond

A great way to decorate a kitchen is to showcase great looking kitchenware in open or glass cabinets. Say you have copper pots – why not hang them on the wall. Or if you use mason jars as bowls (2) or even as a drink mixer (3), have them out on display. You could even attach Mason Jars to a strip of wood to create a storage rack, like the crafting wall in picture (4).

Getting Technical

This next Mason Jar DIY project was an eye opener. Sarah Pease created audioJar, speakers made out of Mason Jars (5). I wasn’t expecting that…

Lighting Up the Jars

Next we come to the lighting section. I really like the rustic DIY Mason Jar chandelier that uses candles in picture (6), created as wedding decor. Pigeon Toe use to make mini ceramic votive lanterns, using the Mason Jar design (7) – which are classy. And what a great way to light up a garden (8) sticking colored crafting paper inside the jars, then using battery candles to light them up. Then there is always the option to turn the whole Mason Jar into a candle, as seen in picture (9). These would make great gifts or centrepieces.

Customise and Decoration Ideas

You can create your own Mason Jar designs by taking an ordinary jar and using a glue gun you can write your own words. A little spray paint later and you have your own jar design (10).

Or how about taking out some glass paint to colorise the jars to your liking (11). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11

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