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Color Choices: Grey Living Room Ideas and Designs

Grey Living Room Ideas

The question to ask when you want to decorate your living room in grey is, how much grey? You can go all out and have all the walls in grey, and the furniture in grey and have it look good, or go with much less grey – using one or two grey statement pieces.

The darker you go the more intimate and cozy your living room will feel, and smaller. While going lighter will make the space feel brighter and and more spacious. Here are some grey living room ideas and design tips to help you decide how you want to style your space.

Going All Out

Going all out means having all grey living room walls. This will make the space feel a little smaller. If you want to go down this route, or use really dark grey (which feels masculine, just check out the living room in picture (1)), you can still keep the room feeling a little bright and spacious by breaking up the dark walls using white curtains (2), and window frames (3). Or how about breaking up the color of the wall by using a white beadboard just like in picture (4).

Keeping it Simple

When you walk into your living, what are the first few things you notice? Is it a wall, the seating area, the coffee table, a shelf, or the media cabinet? Take note of what the focal points are in your living room.

Now if you keep your living room somewhat neutral, then you’ll only need one or two main pieces to be grey to create a grey color palette. For example, if a wall is one of the things you notice first when walking into your living room, why not paint it grey. You can leave all the other walls neutral (aka white), but this one wall will become a feature piece.

If the seating area is a main focal point, why not get some grey couches to create the grey color scheme – and decorate it with a mixture of different shades of grey and white pillows just like in pictures (5) (6) and (7). Or if you have a neutral colored couch like white/cream or black, a few grey cushions will do.

It doesn’t take much to create that grey color palette in the living room. Just check out the modern space in picture (8). A light grey couch, along with a light grey area rug is all that is used there.

Taking Things Away

A lot of times we think about all the things we can add to a room to style and decorate it the way we want. But to really style a room, more times it is about taking things out. If you want to have a grey palette scheme in a living room, then you might need to make the hard decision of taking away bold colorful pieces that dominate the space. Keep it neutral.

Or, it might not be a bad idea to add in another color. This one color will really stand out amongst the cool neutral white and greys of the room. Just check out the grey and yellow living room in picture (9). See how the yellow pops out. Other good combinations include grey and brown, grey and blue, green, purple, and orange.The key to making that one other color pop, is to remove other colors from the room. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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