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Home Decor Ideas: Using Leather

Leather Decor Ideas

It’s not easy to find ways of adding leather to a home’s decor without making it look tacky or overkill rustic. Here are some simple and modern DIY leather decor ideas:

Chic Storage Containers

A great home decor DIY project to make with leather is a storage container. You’ve got the large tool box design in picture (1) which combines a wooden crate with leather handles. Then you have small leather containers that can be used for holding stationary, letters, or clutter around the house. Follow along with the instructions on how to make the elegant black DIY leather bag in picture (2) by Design and Form. Or there are the folding leather baskets (3) by Between the Lines. Over on the Gildem’s Etsy store you can find the Japanese style leather bins seen in picture (4).

Hanging Up: Leather Wall Decor

Leather does make for great looking plant hangers. Design Sponge has instructions on how to make the ones in picture (5). Or how about taking a round mirror, and using an old belt or a leather strip hang it up for a makeshift sea Captain’s mirror (6).

Sitting in Comfort

Sitting in a plush leather chair is pretty freaking relaxing. On a smaller scale, Mandi from Vintage Revivals bought an old beat up leather couch on Craigslist just so she could ‘skin’ it to make leather pillows (7). Check out the ‘how to’ here. Another project for reusing an old couch’s leather would for creating a DIY leather headboard.

The charming camp stool in picture (8) was made by Wood & Faulk. These would make for great add on seating in the living room, or for a foyer stool to help put on or take off shoes.

Home Decor Leather Accents

I believe the best way to add leather into a home’s decor is with small touches. Just like the closet handles made by The Brick House (9). If you use longer strands of leather then you can make hanging magazine racks (10) just like the ones from Leibal.

Another small leather touch is to have leather coffee or dinner table coasters. The elegant ones seen in picture (11) were made by Wood & Faulk – they sure know how to use leather.

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January 3, 2014 in Decor, DIY

One Response to Home Decor Ideas: Using Leather

  1. Linda Cole (Style Whiz) January 9, 2014 at 5:46 am #

    I agree with using leather in small doses to decorate the home.

    The effect then can be artistic and a great point of interest.

    I personally like the leather holding up the mirror. it adds to the vintage appeal of the mirror itself.

    “Might just try that one”

    Thanks for the great ideas!