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Going Exotic: Moroccan Living Room Style Guide

Moroccan Living Room Ideas

The Color Pallet

A Moroccan color pallet is made up of mostly deep hues of orange, purples, and reds much like in picture (1). With splashes of yellow to brighten it up. So keep this in mind when you are looking for decor pieces. Try to remove pieces that clash and are outside of this color pallet.

Those are the sort of colors you’ll see in a Moroccan living room. But as you’ll see in the Keeping it Simple section below – there are people who have opted out of the color pallet and have instead gone with a neutral colored living room and used 1 or 2 main Moroccan styled furniture pieces.

Adding the Spice: Moroccan Decor Pieces and Ideas

In the Center

In a lot of living rooms the coffee table is the focal point. So look to infuse the Moroccan style here. Whether that is with a Moroccan coffee table or by having Moroccan style table lanterns as a centerpiece seen in picture (3).

On the Floor

The seating in Morocco is very informal and close down to the ground. So you’ll see a lot of floor cushions (4) (5), poufs (6), and charming area rugs in the same deep hues mentioned above.

On the Wall

Another great decor piece to have would be an elegant Moroccan wall tapestry.

Keeping it Simple

You don’t really have to do much to create a Moroccan style living room. If you keep the space quite plain by having white walls and keeping it clutter free, and take away any other styled pieces – one or two Moroccan pieces will really set the tone for the room. Focus on the focal pieces of a living room – like the coffee table, a large area rug, wall tapestries, and seating.

Just take a look at picture (7). It is a scandinavian looking room – with it’s black and white color pallet. Which is what makes the Moroccan styled coffee table and lantern really pop out – creating that chic Moroccan ambiance in the room.

Or how about the living room in picture (8). The Moroccan poufs (ottomans) make a statement in the room. Then you have the living room in picture (9). What is the one thing that brings the Moroccan charm to that living room? It is the hanging Moroccan lantern. If you keep your living room free from other styles, one or two main Moroccan inspired focal pieces will do the job.


At night you’ll want to have the lighting dim, and close down to the ground. So avoid using the ceiling lights and instead use floor and table lamps – or candle lanterns.

Going The Extra Mile

At night you want the lighting to be dim and cozy. In the day time though, having the living room bathed in natural light is the way to go. If you want to completely restyle the space then look to have ornate windows just like in picture (10). Decorative wooden doors will also add that Moroccan feel to the living room. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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