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Creative DIY Ideas for Living Room Shelves

Ideas for DIY Living Room Shelves

A few planks of wood and a little creativity is all that you need to make some shelves. Check out what people have done to create their own living room shelves below.

Repurposing Magic

There are a few things you can repurpose to create budget friendly shelves. Crates make for great stackable living room shelving, just like in picture (3). If you want to get away from that rustic feel, paint them all in white (4). Or what about using a charming rustic ladder to shelve plants (5). Place a plank of wood between the steps to create a long mobile shelf unit – just like in picture (6).

For the corners of the room, take a page out of Linda’s DIY notebook and use and old door to create some corner shelves (7).

New Materials

How about getting creative and bringing in some new materials into the mix. Like leather. A plank of wood, a strap of leather, and two nail is all you need to make modern minimalist style shelves for a living room (8). Get a little bit more fancy and you can create hanging shadow box display shelves complete with leather hangers (9).

Using tree branches was a creative idea to create some living room wall shelves to hold some books. Keep them raw for a rustic feel or spray paint them to blend them in with the rest of your living room decor (10). If you really want customised built in shelving then head on over to the piping section of the hardware store. Combined with some planks of wood you can create your own industrial style living room shelves seen in picture (11).

Then there is the side table in picture (12), made from planks of wood and bricks.

Pop of Color

I really like how the cabinet in picture (13) has a colored backdrop. It really makes the shelves stand out – creating a focal point in the room. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13

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