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The Free Spirit: Bohemian Living Room Ideas

Bohemian Living Room Ideas

The life of a free spirit. At home this means not worrying that everything single piece has its perfect spot in the room. Everything is informal. It is cozy. It is a patchwork of different materials and colors. Here are some bohemian living room ideas to transform your space.

Dancing in Fabric

Try and infuse as much fabric as you can into the room. Whether this is through using multiple overlapping area rugs, tons of cushions on a large sofa just like in picture (2), quilted blankets, wall hangings, even drapes hanging down from the ceiling (3). If you have a large living room space, divide it up with a hanging quilt of scarves (4). Remember, you want to keep the fabrics you use a patchwork of different colours (the best color palette is dark hues) and styles.

Check out picture (5). The entryway drapes really sets the tone for the room. Using door beads is another way to go.

Informal Seating

Try and get your seating more communal and hippie like, closer together. Or how about going on the floor, have it covered in mixed rugs and floor pillows (6). Leather poufs also add to the bohemian vibe.

A fun idea would be to have a hanging chair or a hammock like the one in picture (7).

In The Middle 

The coffee table is usually the focal area of the living room – so it can really set the style the space. Some ideas here include a gypsy style traveling trunk just like in picture (9). A trunk would be the best way to go. Or how about stacks of wood pieces or a log. You also have those Moroccan style metal dish table tops with a wooden stand – that would look good too. You can also just use your own coffee table and drape fabric over it to add color to the room. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Boho Decor Accessories 

Here are some ideas on decor pieces to have laying around and decorating your bohemian style living room:

  • An acoustic guitar or mandolin
  • An antique/vintage style globe
  • Glass bottles being used as planters – or hanging planters just like in picture (10)
  • Agate stone slices
  • Moroccan style lanterns can decorate your coffee table, and why not use some battery votives to light them up. Another whimsical lighting idea would be to use string/fairy lights to create a soft glow (Home Decor Ideas: Beautiful Ways to Use String Lights Indoors).
  • A hanging dream catcher

Bohemian Decor Style

1 rug | 2 colored glasses | 3 mandolin | 4 vintage bottle | 5 agate slices | 6 dream catcher

7 globe | 8 leather pouf | 9 quilt | 10 lantern


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