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Home Decor Ideas: Creative Ways of Using String Lights Outdoors

Outdoor String Lights Ideas

This post is all about ways of using string lights to decorate your outdoor spaces. There is no better light fixture to use, as outdoor string lights are pretty inexpensive and are really versatile to use – as you’ll see from the ideas below. I have another mood board post that goes over the ideas for decorating indoor spaces with string lights here: (Home Decor Ideas: Beautiful Ways to Use String Lights Indoors).

DIY Lanterns and Chandeliers 

All you need to do to create some hanging lanterns or a chandelier is to find a sturdy base to wrap the string lights around. In picture (1) Robin from From The Blue Shed used a wire hanging basket to create a hanging fairy light globe. The same thing was done with wicker flower baskets in picture (2) – from Apartment Therapy.

A hula hoop can also be used as a base, this time to create a hanging chandelier (3).

Glowing Orbs

Over at The Art of Doing Stuff, you can check out how the glowing orbs in picture (4) were made – just by using old abandoned glass shades and stuffing them with string lights (total cost $3)

All Around The Garden

String lights can be hung up in so many different places around the garden. If you get solar powered string lights, or battery operated, you can put them up in even more places.

They can be wrapped around trees, just like in picture (5), wrapped around railings (6), wrapped around the frame of a patio umbrella (7), or pergola beams (Simple Outdoor Pergola Lighting Ideas).

If you have an overhead beam anywhere in your garden or patio, hang a number of sting lights side by side to create a curtain of lighting. Or by hanging them in rows overhead you can recreate a starry night effect. Another design style is to hang the string lights from a point and fan them out to create a canopy effect as seen in picture (8)ideal for a garden wedding.

If you have an artistic side, why not create a sculpture out of wire, like the deer head in picture (9), and wrap string lights around it to create a night time light sculpture.

A Light With Many Styles

Don’t forget that string lights come in a whole bunch of different styles. For a more classic look, check out the vintage string lights which have Edison style light bulbs (10) – available from Ballard Designs. Or string lights with globe bulbs.

For a more festive, wedding feel, check out the paper lanterns that you can wire together with string lights.

Restoration Hardware sells modern looking firefly string lights (11). These lights are connected by a metal wire, making them easier to wrap around different objects, plus they give the lights a classier look.

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