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Room Guide: Modern Bedroom Ideas and Designs

Modern Bedroom Ideas

I find it quite hard to define the modern bedroom style. It really just comes down to clean lines, plain textures, and avoiding anything really decorative. If you have one piece, like a lamp shade, that is any bit decorative or from a style (vintage, traditional, shabby chic) you really move away from the modern styling. When it comes to modern bedroom ideas, the two biggest factors in creating the style and look would be the lighting design and the type of bed you use.

Color Palette: Modern Bedroom Colors

Popular Color Choices

Neutral colors are the popular color palettes for a modern bedroom style. White, grey, and tan. Look at the bedrooms in pictures 2, 3, and 10 in my color palette post here: Bedroom Color Ideas: Paint Schemes and Palette Mood Board. These color choices help create a minimalist style. A grey color scheme would be recommended, just like the bedrooms in pictures (1) and (2) above. Have a look here for more grey bedroom designs: Grey Bedroom Ideas, Decorating Tips, and Design Pictures.

Adding Color

If you want to add some color to your walls, go with a bold one – a deep shade. Light pastel colors will create a more shabby chic and traditional styled bedroom. A deep red or a deep blue would work. Use this on a feature wall. A feature wall is one wall that is painted with the color of your choice. In the bedroom this one wall is the one up against the headboard. The rest of the walls in the room are painted in a neutral color like white, light grey or tan. This feature wall will stand out and become a focal piece, adding color and style to the room – just like in the bedroom in picture (4).

Design Ideas and Styling Tips: Avoid Patterns

You want to avoid using heavy and bold patterns when creating a modern bedroom style. Clean and simple designs are the way to go. So avoid having patterned wallpaper, patterned curtains, and bedding. Instead go with simple textures. An example would be to avoid floral wallpaper designs and instead go with a linen texture. This can be done with wallpaper or with a simple painting technique: Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects.

So when you are decorating your bedroom, remember to stay away from bold patterns if you want to create a modern look. Simple textures work best – check out the simple textures of the bedding in picture (5). Color blocking is also a great way to decorate and add style and color to the room. Color blocking is when you mix and match solid colors. For example – a blue duvet/blanket mixed with purple pillows – with a darker shade of blue for a headboard.

Modern Lighting Design 

I believe that lighting and the style of the bed you choose will be the 2 biggest things that will create a modern bedroom. Modern homes are well lit, so the more well planned lighting ideas you can incorporate into the bedroom the better.

Modern Bedroom Lighting

A must have in a modern bedroom are recessed ceiling lights just like in picture (6). Recessed lights are fitted into the ceiling, hiding the entire light fixture. This creates a sleek and modern look. Cove lighting is another ceiling lighting idea to consider (The Beauty of Using Cove Lighting: Design and Ideas).

In the Headboard

An added luxurious touch would be to add headboard lighting (7) (8). This creates a nice soft glow in the room, and can be used for reading. Again, recessed lights are the way to go – clean and modern.

Lamp Styles

It is really hard to say what style of lamps to use. A lot of the bedrooms in the mood board look really modern, but the lamps they use are more traditional and take away from the modern styling of the room. Avoid cone shaped lamp shades as these are completely traditionally. Drum lamps are better but are still a little bit traditional. The chrome/metal lamp in picture (9) is a good choice for a modern bedroom – but does lack a bit character.

See if you can hang bedside lamps to the wall – just like they do in hotels. If you can get the wiring in the wall too, this will eliminate any wires beside the bed – creating a cleaner look. By doing this, you also save bedside table space.

Closet Lighting

Adding closet lighting is a nice modern home feature to have. This can be done in a number of ways from having integrated puck lights fitted to the underside of shelves, to lamps fitted to the top of the closet. For ideas and a mood board have a look at my post here: Closet Lighting Ideas: From Wireless to Walk In.

Going Green

How about having a solar tube fitted in the bedroom? These are more common in hallways, closets, and bathrooms, but they can work in bedrooms too. Solar tubes are tubes that are fitted from the top of the roof to the ceiling of the room. In the day they bring in daylight – saving you electricity. You can get solar tubes that have an LED light fitted in them so that they can also be used at night.

Modern Furniture in the Bedroom

The bed takes up the most amount of space in the bedroom. Because of this it is a focal point – making it an important piece in the whole styling of the room. Along with the lighting design, the type of bed you use are the two biggest factors in creating a modern bedroom.

Here you want to avoid any decorative styled bed. If you look at the pictures in the mood board, all of the beds are simple in design. They don’t have a footboard sticking out. The headboard is simple. The bed kind of blends in with the rest of the room – it doesn’t take up any extra space other than the space of the mattress. Traditional beds such as a four post, canopy or sleigh bed, take up a lot of physical and visual space in the bedroom.

A good choice for a bed would be a platform bed, which is what most of the beds are in the mood board. A platform bed does not require a box spring. The low down design, and being able to see under the bed, makes the room feel larger and more spacious.

Modern Bedroom Design

When it comes to bedding, opt for solid colors and simple textures. The bedding in picture (10) is a good example of simple and modern bedding design.

Minimalist and Clutter Free Design

Simple and clean design is the way to go in a modern bedroom. This means keeping the space clutter free and minimalist looking. Try and keep items stored away in draws and closets. If you tend to put a lot of small items on a bedside table, get a clutter bowl or tray to group items.

When it comes to cabinets and closets – built it is the way to go. They make the best use of the space in the bedroom, and they will be designed to blend in with the design of the room.

Try and keep decor pieces to a minimum. Some ideas include a plant, abstract painting (better if it is monochrome), and black and white art/photograph pieces. You don’t see many decor pieces in the bedrooms in the mood board. This is because the bed itself is a major decor piece, along with the well chosen textured bedding. It really is the main decor piece in the bedroom, and sets the tone and style of the space.

For a step by step plan on decluttering, have a look at my post here: Stress Free Living: How To Declutter Your Bedroom

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