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Color Choice: Teal Bedroom Ideas

Teal Bedroom Ideas

From an all out teal bedroom to a more toned down color palette. Here are teal bedroom ideas and design tips to style your bedroom just the way you want it.

The 3 Wall Paint Options

In all of my color specific posts, I talk about the 3 options you have when you want to decorate a room with a color. Here they are:

  1. Paint all the walls in the color of your choice (teal) – just like the bedroom in picture (1).
  2. Some people might find painting all the walls in the same color, such as teal, to be a bit overwhelming. A toned down alternative would to create a feature wall. This is one wall in your bedroom that you paint teal – usually the wall against the headboard. The rest of the walls are painted in a neutral color like white, off white, cream, or light grey. The one teal wall will become a focal piece and sets the color scheme for the room.
  3. An even more toned down option is to paint all of your walls in a neutral color (white, cream, light grey). Now you have a blank canvas of a bedroom – a room that you can ‘paint’ teal through decor pieces such as pillows, bedding, art – an example being the bedrooms in pictures (2) and (3).

To really style a bedroom in teal or any color, you’ll want to take out all other colors in the room. Having a red pillow, or purple art piece can really take away from the color scheme you are going for. You want teal to dominate the look of the room – and this could mean taking out pieces.

You can always add in a color to the mix. But it needs to be purposeful and focused. Some good combinations include: grey and teal, teal and yellow, teal and black, brown, purple (like the bedroom in picture (4)), red, or orange. Once again if you pick teal along with another color, say yellow, then you’ll have to get rid of the other colors decorating the room to create a strong color palette.

The Focal Points

Once you have decided on the color of your walls, let’s move onto the main focal point of the room. In a bedroom this will be the bed area since it takes up the most space, and is the area the eyes are drawn to. The best way to add teal here is through the bedding and the pillows – just like the bed in picture (5).

Other ways of adding teal to the bed area include having a teal colored upholstered headboard (6), using teal bedside lamps (7), or having a teal area rug under the bed. Mix the teal colored pieces with neutral colored ones if you want a more toned down look. For example, if you get an upholstered teal headboard, then you could go for neutral colored bedding.

Decorating the Walls – Curtains

Curtains also take up a large part of the visual space in a bedroom. If you went with neutral colored walls, then teal colored curtains will help add color to them just like in picture (9). Even if you went with teal walls, you can always have teal curtains. If you have a small bedroom, try and find curtains that blend with the paint color as this will make the space feel larger. For larger bedrooms you can go with a more contrasting and dark curtain color.

Other Teal Bedroom Decor Pieces and Accessories

Some other teal colored decor pieces that can be added into a bedroom include: a teal painted mirror frame and abstract teal art designs.

Having a mood lamp is a good way of adding some teal to your bedroom. You can find ones that change colors, or you can set it to a color of your choice. Put one up against a white wall and it will bathe it with color. Check out the Yantouch Jellyfish mood lamp below.

Mood Lighting

The Yantouch Jellyfish mood lamp is available here from Amazon


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