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Home Office Tour: Surrounded by Inspiration

Home Office Design

At first look, this space looks like a professional and chic retail shop and design agency. When really, it is Jeff Sheldon’s own home office and workspace.

What is essential to being creative in any workspace is being surrounded by pieces that inspires you. That is what makes this home office stand out – the spacious room, with areas dedicated to those inspiring pieces and items he has made for his brand Ugmonk.

Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, it is close to hiking trails and fresh air. Even the workspace itself makes use of nature with the glass planters and natural lighting streaming through the large windows.

“My favorite aspect of my current setup is the refreshing natural light from the windows that creates an ever-changing view as the seasons come and go.”

Home Office Studio Design

Home Office Desk

Home Studio Desk

Home Office Shelf

Home Office Planters

Home Workspace Desk

Home Workspace

Home Office Design

Home Office Tips

  1. Surround yourself with inspiration
  2. Bring in as much natural lighting as possible

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February 11, 2014 in Home Office Tours


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