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Vintage Decor Ideas For Men

Vintage Decor Ideas For Men

Tools and Mechanics

One good area to look for vintage decor ideas is in the interests you have. It could be anything motor related, or do you have any sort of building or crafting hobby. There are sure to be vintage tools that can be bought and displayed from Etsy. Here are some vintage decor ideas for men based on tools and mechanical pieces:

  • Hand tools such as wooden hammers, hand drills, axes or folding rulers seen in picture (1)
  • Letterpress tools and stamps (2)
  • Blacksmith tools
  • Car signs and parts
  • Motorcycle helmets, goggles and gears
  • Aviation propellors, goggles and helmets

Wall Art Decor

Black and white photos, vintage maps (3), blueprints, metal letters (4) and subway signs make for great vintage wall decor pieces for a guy’s pad.

Using Leather

See if you can infuse leather into your decor. Simple ideas include using leather coasters (5) or leather closet handles (6). For more leather decor ideas have a look at my mood board here Home Decor Ideas: Using Leather.

Vintage Storage Ideas

Decor Through Storage

The containers you use to store items also play a role in the room’s decor. You can check out my vintage storage mood board here. But some quick ideas include using wire baskets (7) to store magazines, bed linens, towels, and kitchen items. Mason Jars can be used to store food items or stationary (Home Decor Ideas: Using Mason Jars).

Shopping at Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware has a great selection of premium vintage and industrial style decor pieces. All the pieces in the picture collection below can be bought there:

Restoration Hardware Decor

Glasses   |   Hats   |   Gear   |   Clock


Here are some other vintage pieces that can be displayed as decor pieces:

  • A vinyl record player
  • Vintage cameras (8)
  • Vintage sports decor such as leather gloves or boxing bag (Vintage Sports Decor Mood Board)
  • An antique globe or clock (9)

Furniture Pieces

Large furniture pieces in a room also help style the space. In the living room you might want to go for leather furniture just like in picture (10). For side tables or a coffee table, an old trunk looks great (11).

A classy addition to a man’s living room would be a drinks cart. Check out the walnut bar cart in picture (12). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

For more interior design pictures for men, you can follow my Pinterest board here.

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