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Vintage Home Office Accessories and Decor Ideas

Vintage Home Office Accessories Decor

Decor in Storage

In most home offices there is a lot of storing and organizing going on. So why not transform all of this into vintage home office decor pieces. If you use vintage style storage containers, you can then leave them out on display. For example vintage style jars, like Mason Jars, can be used to store stationary supplies, wires, or be even used as drinking cups.

Some other ideas include:

  • Using wire or wicker baskets as office boxes
  • Have a trunk as a side table or storage unit
  • Using glass containers
  • Using enamel buckets or containers
  • Wooden cabinets look great – like the letterpress cabinet on the left in picture (1) or the draws in picture (2)
  • Lockers can be used to store larger items or have shelves inside
  • Storing documents in French shoe boxes (3)

For more vintage storage ideas and a mood board have a look at my post here: Vintage Storage and Organization Ideas.

Vintage Storage Ideas

Vintage Office Furniture Ideas

When it comes to the desk in your home office, some style ideas include old wooden desks just like the one in picture (4). A vintage school desk could also work if you don’t need a lot of desk space.

For vintage style office chairs, wooden ones look great but might be tough if you sit a lot. Upholstered office chairs are more comfortable – and to get them to match with a vintage room style go with pastel colors (mint, yellow (5), pink) or brown leather or faux leather.

Decor Pieces and Vintage Office Accessories 

Here are some quick ideas on vintage home office accessories and decor pieces:

  • Birdcages can be used for a number of decor ideas. From housing plants to storing and displaying books. Have a look at my mood board of ideas here: Home Decor Ideas: Using Bird Cages
  • A vintage desk or wall clock (see shopping collection below)
  • An antique globe
  • Skeleton keys hung up on the wall
  • On the walls, hang up some subway signs, metal letters (6), antique maps (7), botanical prints (8), or technical blueprints
  • Galvanised buckets can be used as trash cans
  • Vintage style glass bottles can be used as desk planters (Home Decor Ideas: Using Vintage Glass Bottles)
  • Vintage style clothing pins can be used to hang up photos or inspirational print outs on a piece of rope (9)
  • Check out my post on vintage style wallpaper designs

Style Through Lighting

I think lights add a great finishing touch to a well designed room. Even in a vintage home office, you can get lights to match the style.

When it comes to desk lamps some ideas include the bankers lamp seen in the shopping mood board below, or an anglepoise/swing arm lamp.

For general room lighting, barn lights are a great style to go for. You have gooseneck lights for the the walls and hanging pendant pancake lights (10). For more vintage style lighting ideas have a look at my post here: Style Guide: Vintage Lighting Ideas. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11

Vintage Home Office Decor Shopping List

1 Botanical $10 Etsy  |  2 Clock $36 Amazon  |  3 Pancake $75 Amazon

4 Swingarm $27 Amazon  |  5 Pegs $11 Amazon  |  6 Map $12 Zazzle  |  7 Banker $37 Amazon

More Vintage Home Style Mood Boards:

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  1. Brenda Hersey May 30, 2015 at 1:00 pm #

    I’m looking for a letterpress cabinet just like the one above, any clues as to where I can find one? I like it because it’s tall/skinny…thanks!