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Window Treatment Style: Shabby Chic Curtains, Rods, and Tie Backs

Shabby Chic Curtains Ideas

Style Ideas

White is a classic curtain choice for a shabby chic room. These can be combined with more decorative tie backs (talked about below) for added style. Other colors to go for include pastel shades like mint, yellow, pink, or cream.

Other simple shabby chic curtains include fabrics with a floral pattern on it. Again, go for a shabby chic color palette (white, mint, cream, pink). A patchwork or quilt of different fabrics will also look good as a curtain for a shabby chic room Рseen in picture (1).

For more formal looking shabby chic curtain ideas go with:

  • Ruffled curtain panels (2)
  • Lace fabric (3)
  • Crochet curtains (4)
  • Layered fabrics (5)

Curtain Tie Backs

How you tie back the curtains adds to the style of the room. For a shabby chic look, why not go with an antique door knob. Some other DIY ideas include using costume jewellery (6) or creating a flower tie back (7).

Shabby Chic Window Treatments

Here are some ideas for a complete shabby chic window treatment:

  • For the curtain rod, go with a rustic wooden one just like in picture (8).
  • Another idea would be to go with decorative, metal, french style curtain rods or curtain brackets (9).
  • If you go for a curtain style such as lace and want more privacy, then white wooden shutters will look good (10).
  • There is also the option of going down the chipped paint route. Using chipped painted (or white washed) wooden shutters or window frames.


More Shabby Chic Mood Boards:

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  1. Susan January 30, 2015 at 10:11 pm #

    Where can you get the French brackets as in picture 9?