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Photo Display: Ideas for Shabby Chic Picture Frames and Stands

Shabby Chic Picture Frames

A chipped and distressed painted wooden frame would be the go to choice for shabby chic picture frames – just like the ones in picture (1). But there are other creative picture frame ideas that can also create the shabby chic style.

Lace can be wrapped around normal a photo frame to create a softer and more shabby chic look (2). While reclaimed wood can be used to create a rustic and decorative shabby chic frame (3).

Reclaimed wooden mirrors and windows, with their distress look, can be upcycled into a panel of shabby chic frames Рseen in picture (4). Check out my post here for more reclaimed window ideas Рsuch as turning one into a coffee table or kitchen cabinet.

Old window frames or larger photo frames can be used as a frame to hang string. Now you’ve got a way to hang up small photos (5). Or you could do without the frame and use thin rope and vintage style clothes pegs to hang up black and white photos, just like in picture (6).

An old frame can also be used to create a burlap cork board – seen in picture (7), which can have photos pinned onto it.

Crafty Collages

There are a few ways you can create a shabby chic photo collage. The first way is to just use photos. For a more shabby chic look, mix together different media pieces. Mix vintage photos, crotchet, lace, and mementos to create a framed collage – just like the one in picture (8).

Another way to create a collage would be to us a mixture of different photo frames. In picture (9), small photo frames have been painted white and then attached to a wooden backdrop. This can then be hung up or left to stand against the wall.

Photo Stands and Other Shabby Ideas

Here are some shabby chic photo stand ideas:

  • Bird cages can be used to display and house photos. Have a look at my mood board here for pictures and ideas: Home Decor Ideas: Using Bird Cages.
  • Vintage style jars can have photos in them
  • I did a little DIY project using air dry clay to create photo stands seen below. You can see the step by step post here.
  • Driftwood can also be used to create a photo rack or display stand (10).

Air Dry Clay Photo Stands

Don’t forget about transferring your photos onto different materials. Picture (11) shows photos that have been transferred onto wood. You can also transfer photos onto pillows, napkins, and even furniture (12). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

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