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DIY Chevron Pouf Tutorial (AKA a Dogs Cozy Day Bed)

Chevron Pouf DIY

“I think our dog Penelope enjoys it more, but it is a great addition to our living room.”

There are pieces around the house that I would consider big ticket items. Such things as bed frames, headboards, couches, and rugs. These pieces tend to be expensive, which is why I like it when someone goes out and creates their own big ticket piece.

Today for Home Tree Atlas, Desiree from Stop + Create shows us how she made her DIY pouf.

I have been wanting a pouf for a while, ever since we bought our chair about 7 months ago, I told myself that it would be perfect with a pouf but I could never find the right fabric that would work in our living room and also would be durable.

I finally found the fabric of my dreams, it was upholstery fabric and was not that expensive. The chevron pattern was perfect for our living room because of the neutral colors but the fun pattern. The fabric was also durable against our small dog who now uses the pouf as her personal pillow bed whenever our feet are not resting on it.


Step 1:
Take your fabric and fold it horizontal once. Measure how big you would like your top and bottom piece to be. I wanted mine to be a square so my size was 27” x 27”.

Step 2:
Fold the remaining fabric longtitude. Cut on the fold going side to side then that will leave you with two pieces, then cut on the fold going up and down leaving you with 4 seperate retangular pieces.

Step 3:
Right sides together, pin each rectangular pieces to the square sides and sew the sides to the square top.

DIY Pouf

Living Room Pouf

Step 4:
Take your retangular sides and have the right sides facing each other then sew them together.

Step 5:
Right sides together, pin the bottom of your pouf to the sides. Make sure to leave a open for your zipper. Leave a hole that is about a inch smaller than your zipper, this will allow you to hide the unfinished ends of it

Chevron DIY Pouf

Chevron Fabric

Step 6:
Sew the bottom to the sides.

Step 7:
Take your zipper and un-zip it. Pin right sides together and sew your zipper into place. I would suggest using a zipper foot but if you do not have one available, this part can easily be done by hand sewing.

Chevron Pouf

Step 8:
Turn the pouf inside out and stuff with polyfill stuffing.

Chevron Pouf DIY

DIY Chevron Pouf

Though my husband and I have been living in our apartment for about seven months, we have yet to do any decorating or personalizing. My goal is to finally tackle our bedroom by the end of March which means my future projects include making pillow covers, updating our IKEA furniture and also figuring out how to get rid of our blank walls (blank walls drive me insane).

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March 6, 2014 in DIY

2 Responses to DIY Chevron Pouf Tutorial (AKA a Dogs Cozy Day Bed)

  1. mira42b@gmail.com May 27, 2014 at 4:32 am #

    This is gorgeous! I wonder how much polyfill stuffing it takes? I always underestimate when buying the stuff.

    • lorraine June 10, 2015 at 3:42 pm #

      I always by the cheap pillows at dollar general or walmart for about 3 dollars and instead of buying the polyfil, because it’s expensive. usually I have enough to make ,sometimes even have some left over