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Romance in Style: Shabby Chic Lighting Ideas

Shabby Chic Lighting Ideas

The Definition of Shabby Chic: Chandeliers

When people think of the shabby chic style, they think of white and pastel shade, drapes and chandeliers. A chandelier is a statement piece in any shabby chic room. It really sets the style tone for the space, and is a must have piece when it comes to shabby chic lighting.

There are a few design options when it comes to choosing a chandelier for a room. There are the more French antique chandeliers, just like the one in picture (1). Or there are more modern shabby chic chandeliers (2), with all the metal parts painted over.

You’ve also got chandeliers that are decorated with flowers, lamp shades (3), and plants (4). Each creating a different twist on the shabby chic style. If you want a more toned down and refined look, then a mini chandelier is the way to go – just like the one in picture (5).

There are also a few ways to create your own personalised DIY chandelier. Hanging icicle/fairy lights on a hula hoop creates a string light chandelier. Strands of acrylic crystals can be hung around existing ceiling lights (6) using a wire wreath – DIY instructions here.

Having a chandelier is a major part in creating a shabby chic styled room. But not everyone can start changing their ceiling lights. An alternative would be to use chandelier style table and floor lamps (7). The ones below can be bought from amazon. The floor lamp in picture (8) is an upcycled DIY project, which you can follow along with here

Shabby Chic Chandelier Lamps

Pink Silk Jewel Lamp Shade: $45 Amazon   |   Vanilla Twist Lamp Shade: $43 Amazon

Downbridge Floor Lamp: $119 Amazon

Barn Lighting Fixtures

For more wall or ceiling shabby chic light fixtures, have a look at barn lights. These have a vintage style to them, and come in white, galvanized, or pastel colored. Barn Light Electric is a great place for these kinds of lights.

Barn Style Lighting

Mint Wall Lamp: $216 Barn Light Electric   |   Homestead Pendant Light: $109 Barn Light Electric

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are another way to add some whimsy to a room. For a shabby chic room you will want to use white, pastel (pink, mint), or the paper lanterns with a floral pattern on them. You can just have one hanging down and lighting the room, or you can create a paper lantern chandelier (multiple paper lanterns hanging down with one light in the middle lighting them all up).

Have you seen all the DIY projects that can be done with a paper lantern [post coming soon]? Paper lanterns make great bases for lighting projects. People have glued vintage maps onto them, butterfly cutouts (9), or thousands of coffee filters on them to create a fluffy lamp.

Elegance in Fabric

A shabby chic room is soft, meaning it has a lot of fabric around the room. From lace curtains (Window Treatment Style: Shabby Chic Curtains, Rods, and Tie Backs), to quilted blankets. Fabric can also be used when it comes to lighting the room.

In the day you’ll want to have as much sunlight bathing the room as possible. This natural lighting mixed with hanging lace makes for a great combination, creating a soft and diffused glow in the room. You can do this by hanging up lace curtains, or hang lace drapes/canopy down from the ceiling.

String lights can be used at night. Get the LED ones as they give off less heat. Now you can wrap the lace or a light fabric around the string lights to create a soft glow at night (10).

Whimsical Table Lighting

Above I talked about having a chandelier style table or floor lamp. Other lamp ideas include: using those formal and traditional style lamp shades – seen in picture (11). How about using a bird cage to create a unique lamp (12) (Home Decor Ideas: Using Bird Cages)? Or there are lamps in the style of a candle lantern.

Candles also create elegant lighting. You can find some great looking shabby chic style candle stands – either with acrylic jewels, chipped painted, or go for the antique metal French candle stands. If you are worried about the fire hazard, fill up a bowl with water and use floating candles. Or put a candle into a vintage style jar. Battery powered candles can also be used. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

More Shabby Chic Mood Boards:

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