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Home Decor Ideas: Using Pallets

DIY Wood Pallet Projects

The great thing about getting creative with DIY wood pallet projects (apart from them being free) is that you can make everything from small items (spice rack and shelves), to big ticket home pieces like a couch or a bed.

Art Pieces

Let’s start off with a small pallet DIY project. You can sculpt art pieces out of the scrap pieces of wood. KariAnne from Thistle Wood Farms created the beautiful ‘W’ wall decor piece using pallets as seen in picture (1).

Handmade Pallet Tables

If there is one thing pallets look good remodelled for, that would be coffee tables. Check out the beautiful chevron pallet coffee table made by The Merry Thought in picture (2). Or how about adding a glass top for a less rustic look (4).

In The Kitchen

Pallets can be used to create a backsplash in the kitchen (3). Head on over to Circadee to see the ‘how to’ details. The pallet kitchen island in picture (5) from ELLE looks like a designer piece. The kitchen has a muted color scheme – you have white stools/chairs, cabinets and walls, grey countertops, and black dinnerware. This lets the black island blend in well with everything else in the kitchen.

Big Ticket DIY Pallet Projects

I love finding budget friendly ways of creating big ticket home pieces – like a bed, couch, or kitchen counters. Which is why the DIY pallet bed design (6) (with inbuilt shelving) and the the pallet couch (7) are inspiring to see.

Working Away

If you really want to see the possibilities of what you can use pallets to create, then look no further than the temporary office space of Most Architecture (8). Everything in the work space is made up of pallets – from the desks and staircase to the conference room furniture. Look here for more pictures of the office .  

Coming back home, KariAnne has used pallets again – this time to create a scandinavian style work table seen in picture (9).

Hanging Pallets

Lets move to the outside of the house and see what DIY pallet furniture we can find here. These are some epic-ally cool DIY projects – great for the summer time. You have the porch swing by Sheryl (10) and then the swinging daybed by The Merry Thought (11). All made with free pallets.

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March 20, 2014 in Decor, DIY

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