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Beautiful Spaces: Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

The kitchen island is not just a great place for preparing food, but it can also be used to do paperwork, kid’s homework, or eat and drink from. Because of all of the things you can do here you’ll want to have localized lighting – lights that are focused onto the kitchen island.

The best lighting ideas are the ones that bring the light closer down to the countertop surface. Ideas include a single or multi bulb pendant light as seen in pictures (1) (2) (3), adjustable pendant lighting, or a chandelier that also acts as a pot rack (4). If you already have recessed lights above the kitchen island, then a great way of adding pendant lights without doing any wiring is to use pendant light adapters. These simply screw into any normal ceiling light socket.

Other kitchen island lighting ideas and options include using track lights (the kind where each light can be angled differently (5)) or if you have a plug socket on the island how about using a desk lamp (6)1/2/3/4/5/6

For lighting ideas for the rest of the kitchen have a look at our post here: Kitchen Lighting Ideas Mood Board and Inspiration.

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