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Kitchen Storage and Organization Part 2: Pot and Pan Storage Ideas (and Lids)

Kitchen Pots Storage Ideas | Mood Board

This post is part of a 2 part series on kitchen storage. Part 1, which you can see here, went over general kitchen storage solutions, everything from clever draw hacks, over the door storage ideas and styled storage pieces. In part 2, I go over ideas on how to store your pots and lids.

Pots are probably the hardest items to store in the kitchen because of the different sizes and you’ve got the pairing lids to deal with. Some ideas on how to deal with them include:

  • You can get chandeliers that hang over the kitchen island, making it easier to see what you are doing. But these chandeliers can also have a rack and hooks on them so you can hang your pots up. Or there are just hanging racks without the chandelier – seen in picture (1).
  • Ladders with hooks – seen in picture (2)
  • Wall railings (3)
  • Peg boards with hooks will also work (4)
  • A pull out draw hanger – seen in picture (5)

But my favorite kitchen storage ideas for pots are the ones that keep the lids close by:

  • Picture (6) shows a large draw that has been modified to keep pots and lids organized and stored on their sides. You can use tension rods to do this in your kitchen draws.
  • Cheap adhesive hooks have been stuck to the inside of the cabinet door in picture (7) to hang up the pot lids.
  • A railing fitted to the wall hangs up the pot lids under the pots in picture (8).

image credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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April 11, 2014 in Kitchen, Storage

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