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7 Stunning Pallet Wall Designs

Pallet Wall Designs || Home Tree Atlas

Pallets projects are popular because they are budget friendly. In my mood board post Home Decor Ideas: Using Pallets you can see all sorts of home projects that use pallets: from small projects such as decor pieces to large projects such as building a couch or a bed. You can even create a wall out of pallets. Here are some pallet wall design ideas to get you inspired.

For Storage

Pallet walls are usually built to create charm and a rustic feel in a room. But a pallet wall can also be created to add custom storage. Check out the storage wall in picture (1). This can be done in a home office, by the front door to hang up coats, in the kitchen to hang pots and pans, or in the bedroom as a make shift closet.

Pallet Wall Storage

Tiana Meggiolaro and Bia Mayrinck

Add Color

A darker pallet wall looks more luxurious. So why not go ahead and stain the wood before putting it up. Staining creates a uniform, distressed and weathered look – just like in pictures (2) and (3).

Nursery Pallet Wall

Bower Power

Living Room Pallet

Cape 27

Or how about mixing pallet wood with other reclaimed wood – just like in picture (4). A few of the planks have been painted to add a pop of color.

Color Pallet Wall

Pretty Handy Girl

Backsplash and Angled Pallets

Pallets can be used to create a backsplash in the kitchen or the bathroom. You can see how Circa Dee created their kitchen backsplash seen in picture (5) here.

Pallet Backsplash

Circa Dee

For a more interesting wall design, how about creating an angled pallet wall design (6). It is a little bit harder, because you’ll have to cut the pieces to angles instead of simple strait cuts. But it adds another level to the design.

Backsplash Pallet

Pallet Backsplash

Garden Wall

Pallets can be used to create a simple garden wall, which you can hang planters from. Picture (7) shows an indoor vertical planter that has been made out of a pallet.

Pallet Garden

The Brew

The Overall Style of a Room

Creating a pallet wall will dictate the style of your room. Because of the rustic nature of the wood, you’ll want to think about adding rustic pieces in the room to create a uniformed look. Like using a rustic or wooden table, and vintage lighting/antique.

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