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Beautiful Wall Decor Ideas for a Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

From creating a home command center to making the space feel larger with a mirror, check out these kitchen wall decor ideas we’ve put together:

Wall Hangings: One idea is to decorate the walls with a wrought iron letter of your choice. Or how about going with a framed quote “A meal without wine is called breakfast” or a sign as seen in picture (1).

Family and Friends: For a more family and personalized feel, create a 3-6 framed photograph layout on the wall (2).

Tuscany: If you have a Tuscan kitchen, hanging up pottery, ceramic, or even copper pots and pans are some decorations that keep in line with the Tuscan style (Tuscan Kitchen Decor Ideas Mood Board).

Organization and Management: How about creating a home HQ aka a kitchen command center (3). Hang up a chalkboard, or better yet cover a wall with chalkboard paint (4). For more ideas on how to create a command center check out our post here: Ideas for Setting up a Family Command Center in the Kitchen .

Small to Large: One quick trick to make the basement feel larger is to hang up a framed mirror (5).

The Art of Textures: If you want to liven up a flat painted wall, some textured wall ideas include using: textured painting techniques – sponge or a brush to create a marble or linen look (Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects), wallpaper (Design Notes on Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas), or wall tiles (6).

Storage as Wall Decor: Keeping things well organized can add to the decor of the kitchen (7). Here are some examples of things to group and display on shelves: wicker storage baskets, displaying pasta or other ingredients in mason jars, vintage bottles (8), plants, or books. How about hanging up a fruit basket or a wine rack?

Lighting: Don’t forget to light up the walls (9). If you have something hanging up then see if you can have a light pointed to it, to create a focal point in the room. Ceiling track lights can have their lights angled differently. Or how about creating an elegant glow in the kitchen by using cabinet lights – whether that is done using under cabinet lights or display lighting (Kitchen Lighting Ideas Mood Board and Inspiration). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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