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Home Barista: Kitchen Coffee Station Ideas and Designs

Kitchen Coffee Station Ideas

Group all of your essential coffee making materials, tools, and ingredients to one space, and create your own home kitchen coffee station. You can use side tables, carts, the kitchen counter, a cabinet, or go the built in route.

Side Tables and Carts

A side table is a great way to create a coffee station in the kitchen just like in picture (1), because it is a contained unit. Plus you save cluttering up valuable kitchen countertop space . For added storage space, hang up shelves above your new coffee station. A cart is another way to create a coffee bar in your kitchen. This can be great if you host parties and want to roll out all the fixings to make a great cup of coffee (2).

How about using a corner in the kitchen or dining room? What a great space saving way of adding a coffee station. Picture (3) shows a corner shelving unit being used as a well organized coffee station. For more ideas on how to add storage to the corners of your room, have a look at my post here: Corner Shelving Ideas: Creative Ways of Adding Corner Shelves.

On the Counter

You can create a coffee station on the kitchen counter, but it might not be the best place because the countertop is usually a busy space when preparing and cooking food and should be kept clutter free. Some ways to help with this is to use a tray to group items together to create a more clutter free and clean looking space – just like in picture (4). Another way to free up a counter is to fit a railing, rack or shelf above your coffee brew station – like the shelf in picture (5)

Built in Designs

There are a few ways to create a built in coffee station. The first way is to use a cabinet and place the coffee machine, roaster, materials, and ingredients in there. The good thing about this idea, is that you can close it when it is not in use, creating a more minimalist kitchen. You’ll want to put a pull out counter in the cabinet, just like the one in picture (6). This will make it easier to see what you are doing, and easier to prepare the coffee. Or you could use a coffee station cabinet that opens up onto a countertop.

Another built in idea is to have a little nook carved out of your built in kitchen cabinets – just like in picture (7). You’ll want to have lights fitted to the top of this nook, or use a lamp.

And the mother of all coffee stations is a built in coffee machine – seen in picture (8). The pull out draw is great for putting down cups while preparing the coffee.

Home Coffee Storage

Rustic Living

Storage and Other Fixings

Some things you might want to include in your home coffee bar include:

  • A tray to carry the drinks to another room
  • A cookie jar
  • Napkins
  • A sugar bowl
  • A plant to decorate the space
  • Coffee shop inspired or rustic art piece
  • A lamp if you need extra lighting
  • How about creating a coffee station and command centre combo. A command centre is a place in the house where you keep all your to do lists, mail, and calendars. Have a look at my mood board post here for ideas: Ideas for Setting up a Family Command Center in the Kitchen.

Some efficient and space saving storage ideas include:

  • A wall railing to hang up mugs with hooks
  • Shelves above the coffee station to save counter space for storing items, and to save the need for a large table/counter
  • As mentioned above, use a tray to group together items for your coffee station. This helps create a clutter free space
  • An organiser rack to keep items grouped
  • Look for well designed, good looking storage pieces. Such as glass jars or porcelain canisters. If these are left out on display they will add to the decor of your kitchen.

Coffee Station Shopping Guide

1 Home Coffee Machine: $118 (#1 Best Seller on Amazon)

2 Vintage Mug: $12 ModCloth  |  3 Monogram Mug: $8 Anthropologie

4 Napkins: $32 Anthropologie  |  5 Canisters: $39 Amazon

6 Jars: $46 Amazon  |  7 Dutch Copper Canisters: $78 Amazon

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Mood Board Image Credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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