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Making Use of the Corners in a Room: Decor and Design Ideas

Corner Decor Ideas

Have you ever looked at the corners of your room and thought something could be done with the space there. Here are some ideas that can make use of those corners.

Simple Corner Ideas: Gallery and Mirrors

A simple way of doing up a corner is to create a corner gallery wall. Hang up graphics, photographs, and quotes, all framed and of different sizes to create a feature piece in the room. A Beautiful Mess shows how they created their corner gallery wall here, seen in picture (1).

Another simple decor idea is to place a floor mirror in the corner (2). This is especially great if you have a small room, as the mirror will bounce light around and add depth making the space feel larger.

Relaxing Nooks

A corner is a great place to create a relaxing nook. Being surrounded by walls makes the space feel secluded and intimate. Some nook ideas include: a dining nook in the kitchen, a reading nook in the living room (3) or bedroom (with a comfy chair or a bean bag), or a cozy kids corner for them play and draw.

You can make use of a corner space in a living room by using a corner sectional couch (4).

Storage and Shelving

With the right furniture pieces, you can turn a corner into a storage area. For corner shelving ideas have a look at my mood board post here: Corner Shelving Ideas: Creative Ways of Adding Corner Shelves.

A corner media cabinet can be used in a living room. It is a bit awkward for my taste, maybe it is bad Feng Shui or something. But if space is limited, and you have a small living room then maybe a corner TV unit will help out a lot (5).

For Fun

Your own home bar can be fitted into the corner of your living room, dining room or kitchen. Design options include: a full height built in corner bar, a free standing corner liqueur cabinet, a cart, or use a small corner table just like in picture (6).

For Work

The corner of a room is a great place to put an L shaped desk (7). It fits perfectly into the space and you get two walls to hang things up on. Put up some peg boards on the walls for extra storage options.

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May 8, 2014 in Decor

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