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A Palette Guide for Kitchen Color Schemes: Decor and Paint Ideas

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Kitchen Colors

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Red Kitchen Design

Everything comes into play when choosing the color scheme for a kitchen. In the pictures above you can see that the color palettes are made up of the main features in the kitchen: from the wall colors and floors, to the cabinets, countertops and decor pieces. So when you are looking at paint color ideas, you’ll have take note of the other colors that are already in your kitchen.

White is always a great color to paint the walls. This creates a blank canvas to decorate the kitchen with more colorful pieces like a blue kitchen island table, colorful light fixtures or cabinets. Other popular kitchen wall colors include: light grey, cream, and light green. One thing to note is that bright warm paint colors will make the space feel larger, while darker colors will make it feel cozier and smaller.

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