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Creative Kitchen Spice Storage Ideas and Solutions

Kitchen Spice Storage Ideas Solutions

When it comes to storing spices, see if you can keep them off of the kitchen counters. Counters can easily get cluttered, so storing your herb and spices on a wall, or in a draw will help keep the kitchen clutter free. The creative spice storage ideas I talk about below will help to avoid cluttering up the kitchen.

Making it Look Good

Using matching containers, like glass jars or porcelain ones like the set in picture (1) (which is available here from Pottery Barn), will create a good looking and clutter free kitchen – since it creates a uniformed look. Using glass containers is a good idea because you can easily see what is inside and how much is left.

Other good looking storage ideas include using spice jars with hooks that can hang from a wall (2), the back of cabinet doors, or in the pantry. Test tubes are another decorative way of storing spices, just like the ones in picture (3) which can be bought from ModCloth.

Space Saving Ideas

How about having a built in spice shelf draw. Putting the draw at head height like the one in picture (4) saves you from bending down when looking for spices.

There are spice draw racks that tilt the spice bottles up to save space and provide easy viewing. Other spice storage solutions for drawers include using tension rods to divide up the draw. Or you can use matching spice storage containers like the ones seen in picture (5) to create a well organized and easy to view spice draw.

The back of cabinet doors can have over the door organziers, spice racks, railings or brackets fitted to them for space saving storage. Spice door and draw racks are available from Amazon: Spice Draw Rack 13   |   Spice Door Rack 9

Some other space saving ideas include:

  • Using a mini lazy Susan to store your spices
  • There are magnetic spice containers that will stick to a magnetic wall panel (6), which can be stuck to a wall or be used as under cabinet spice storage
  • I like the printers tray with the tins in picture (7) the best

For creative ideas on pantry storage and organisation, have a look at my post here: The Walk in Closet of the Kitchen: Pantry Storage Ideas.

image credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

Have a look at these mood boards for more kitchen storage ideas:

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