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Bedroom Office Ideas, Tips, and Designs

Bedroom Office Ideas

It’s not the best place in the house to have as an office space, because the work clutter can make the bedroom a bit of a stressful place (which can disrupt sleep). But here are a few quick tips and ideas for turning a bedroom into an office and making it a great working and sleeping area.

Top Bedroom Office Ideas and Design Tips

Fitting a Desk: You don’t really need to have much space in the bedroom to fit in a home office. A tiny, well organized desk up against the wall will do for most people as seen in picture (1). You can even combine the home office with existing bedroom furniture – like using a dresser that has a pull out or pull down tabletop (2). Or if you have more space in the bedroom, arrange the desk to face outwards so you’re not looking at a wall just like in pictures (3 – fitting a mirror makes the space feel larger) and (4).

Covering Up: Being able to close off the office space when it is not in use would be ideal. This can be done with curtains, screens, or placing book shelves in between the office space and the bed area.

Another idea is to fit the home office between closets (5), or inside a closet (6). This is a great space saver for smaller rooms. Have a look at our post for designs and ideas on fitting an office in a closet (aka a cloffice) anywhere in the house – Creating a Workspace At Home: Closet Office Ideas.

Storage: You’ll want to keep everything contained to one location as much as possible – so that you can also enjoy the room as a relaxing bedroom, and not just a work space. The wall above the desk can be made for great storage – by hanging wall shelves (7) or peg boards (8). A closet can be used to store work items, and the inside of the doors can have calendars, white boards, and pegboards fitted. In picture (9) a bench doubles as a filing cabinet, and hides all of the paper work when not in use.

Lighting: To make it a comfortable work space you’ll want to have a good amount of lighting. Setting up the desk by the window is a great idea as you’ll have tons of natural lighting during the day (10). Table lamps or having a track light fitted to the ceiling (one that can have the lights angled to different parts of the bedroom) work well during the night. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Here are some more home office posts to get ideas from:

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    Love your bedroom office ideas, especially the White desk on the left second photo down, do you know where it’s from?
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