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Mens Bedroom Ideas and Designs

Mens Bedroom Ideas

Yup all men are different, but some things are universal – like wanting a low maintenance room, with a bold and simple decor style. Here are some design tips and bedroom ideas for men:

Design Style: The design style of a man’s bedroom should be big and bold. Have a look at the large blocks in picture (1). Even the chandelier in that picture is large, bold and simple and does not have any decorative elements.

Colors Schemes: When it comes to the bedroom’s color scheme you’ll want to keep to strong solid colors. This doesn’t just apply to the wall paint but everything in the room – from the furniture, to the bed sheets, wall decor and accessories.

White is always a great base color to have on the walls and build the rest of the room from. Other paint color ideas include black and white, grey (2) and earth hues like green, brown (3) and even navy. For a more rustic wall style have a look at getting stamped concrete made – or check out our post here for different textured painting techniques Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects.

The furniture pieces in the room will add to the overall color scheme. Some manly furniture styles to go for are dark woods (4) and leather (5), or chrome finishes for a more modern look.

Furniture Pieces: Here are some ideas on what furniture pieces to include. A great bed style to go for is a platform one. A leather bench is also a great addition. Having a full body floor mirror helps in getting ready each day as seen in pictures (6) and (7).

Gadgets: Get tunes playing by having an iPod dock or just a bedside table with a music unit. Or if you want to get fancy, the AudioBulb is a light bulb and speaker in one (8) – pretty cool. You just screw them into any normal light socket (ceiling or lamp) and you’ll have an instant wireless sound and light system that you can control from a remote control.

Lighting Ideas: Here is a design tip: if you want to make the bedroom feel large then you’ll want to use as much ceiling lighting as possible and aim to light up all corners of the room. Hanging a mirror on a wall also makes the space feel larger.  If you want to make the bedroom feel more cozy and romantic (How to Create a Romantic Bedroom: Pictures, Designs and Decor Ideas) then you’ll want to avoid using the ceiling lights and instead use table and floor lamps. Having your lights hooked up to a dimmer switch is a great way of changing the feel of the room instantly.

Men’s Decor Accessories: When it comes to more decorative elements for a guys room – abstract pieces work best. Like the paintings in pictures (9) and (10). Other mens bedroom ideas include decorating with black and white photos – which adds a nice classical touch (11). Having small dishes or bowls by the bed helps group together clutter and keep the bedroom looking sleek and elegant (12)1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

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March 6, 2013 in Bedroom

One Response to Mens Bedroom Ideas and Designs

  1. Scott March 3, 2014 at 1:40 am #

    These posts are really relevant as we prepare to renovate the master bedroom and lounge areas of our house.

    So many ideas to explore and decisions to make. Will keep tabs on your blog and Pinterest boards to help with these in the coming months.