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Vintage Bedroom Decor Accessories and Ideas

Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Color Scheme: For a vintage style bedroom you’ll want to go with more neutral and pastel colors like light grey, light brown, light green, or just white as seen in pictures (1) and (2).

Bed Styles: Wrought iron (3) or French bed designs with the large decorative headboards (4) are the best choices. Look for ones with decorative legs.

Furniture Pieces: Look for French style furniture sets. Focusing on French pieces makes decorating a vintage inspired room a lot easier. French design is decorative but timeless. You’ll see the classic rounded shapes and decorative hardware pieces like iron handles and knobs. Check out the French vanity counter in picture (5). Hand painted and chipped furniture would also be a good fit in a vintage bedroom.

Vintage Storage Ideas

Closets: How about giving your closets a vintage makeover. You can do this with a vintage style paint, such as mint, cream, or pastel shades. And then add some vintage style hardware – such as knobs or handles. Or you could even using a ceiling medallion to frame the handle. Have a look at these posts to see what I’m talking about:

Fabrics: When it comes to things like the bedding and throw pillows, floral motifs work best. Or if you want a more homely and informal look how about using a quilt (The Free Spirit: Bohemian Bedroom Ideas).

Other Vintage Bedroom Ideas: When it comes to decorating the bedroom here are some vintage accessories to consider – iron keys, birdcages (6), antique books, vintage maps and globes (7), iron letters, decorative frames (8), and splashes of lace. Vintage watering cans or glass bottles can be used to hold plant stems or candles (9).

Lighting: When it comes to lamp shades you’ll want to stick to the more traditional cone style ones (10). A mini chandelier hanging in the middle of the room will also add a vintage feel to the bedroom (11)1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11

If you are looking to put together a vintage style bedroom then check out the shopping guide post I’ve just put together here Home Style Shopping Guide: Vintage Bedroom Edition

Here are some more vintage mood board posts to get ideas from:

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  1. Shea@ French Bedroom Furniture Sets January 16, 2014 at 6:52 am #

    wow! I love the picture 1 and 2 very much…and vintage furniture is my most loving part…It really touches my heart…I saw that my grand parents were used this kind of vintage accessories and furniture hardly i remember the past history…my past with my grand parents is really remarkable to me…