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Relaxing Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

In the bedroom you want to have lighting that is soft and relaxing:

A Relaxing Ambiance: Some mood lighting ideas include fitting lights behind the headboard as seen in picture (1), or hooking up your ceiling lights to a dimmer switch lets you control the brightness and the mood. Check out our How to Create a Romantic Bedroom: Pictures, Designs and Decor Ideas post for some cozy lighting and decor ideas.

Some other relaxing lighting ideas include having flameless battery powered candles, or if you want a more whimsical feel – hang up some string lights (2) (The Free Spirit: Bohemian Bedroom Ideas).

Focusing on the Bed: You want to focus the attention to the bed. You can do this by putting a lamp on each side of the bed (either wall or table lamps), creating symmetry (3). These are also ideal for reading in bed.

Ceiling Lights: The most common ceiling lights found in modern homes and bedrooms are recessed lights (4). These lights fit into a drop down ceiling and all of the hardware is hidden away. You’re left with a clean sleek look. Flush mount lighting is when the light fixture sits just below the ceiling and usually has a cover to diffuse the light. And then there is track lighting (where you have 3-5 lights on one track). Usually you will only need one light outlet in the ceiling for these, and you can angle the individual track lights to different areas in the bedroom.

For luxurious and grand master bedroom lighting designs check out cove lighting (5) (6). This is when lights are fitted into the ceiling and bounce light off of the ceiling and back into the room. Another way of fitting cove lighting is to use crown molding as seen in picture (7). Here crown molding is fitted onto the wall a few inches below the ceiling. This allows space for rope lights to be fitted above the crown molding. What you are left with is a wonderful glow of light that spans across the room.

For high ceiling bedrooms some lighting ideas include using pendant light fixtures or a mini chandelier (8) (9). You can easily convert recessed lights to pendant ones without doing any wiring by using a pendant light adapter. These hanging lights just screw into any normal light socket. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

One last ceiling idea to check out are solar tubes. These are tubes that bring daylight through the roof and into the bedroom. Free lighting! There are some versions that will have a light fitted around them so you can use the same fixture at night.

For a beginner’s guide to home lighting design, have a look at my post here: The Simple Guide: Home Lighting Design Basics.

For large bedrooms, using some wall lighting would be ideal: Designer Home Wall Lighting Ideas.

For some kid friendly bedroom lighting ideas and tips, like soft toy night lights and portable battery powered lanterns, have a look at our post here.

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