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11 Hassle Free Kids Toy Storage Ideas

11 Hassle Free Kids Toy Storage Ideas

11 Hassle Free Kids Toy Storage Ideas: #1 Storage cubes

When it comes to toy storage ideas, the goal should be to make it as easy as possible for kids to store away their toys. This means having storage solutions that are low to the ground and are easy to open (or don’t have lids). If it is easy for the kids to store things away, that means it will be easy for them to get their toys when they need them. The cubes in the picture above is a good example – seen on Land of Nod.

Ideas for Storing Toys

11 Hassle Free Kids Toy Storage Ideas: #2 Large containers

2. Get Some Large Containers: See what kind of large containers you can get. There are large wicker baskets and hampers. Large plastic storage bins are stackable. Large buckets are cheap, and they can be labeled with what’s in them. They can also be painted over to create a more playful look – the green buckets DIY above is on BHG.

3. A Trunk: In the living room or playroom you could use a chest or a trunk to store toys. Or if you are tight on space, then a furniture piece such as an Ottoman with an open top can double as toy storage and a coffee table.


11 Hassle Free Kids Toy Storage Ideas: #4 Storage cubbies

4. Storage Cubbies: Have cubbies that are low down to the ground. These can double as a bench or a playing countertop, just like the ones above seen on Little Raiser.


11 Hassle Free Kids Toy Storage Ideas: #5 Crates

5. Wooden Crates: Wooden crates are best for mixing storage with decor. They look good, and they can be used to store books or toys – Apartment Therapy. You can also create themed containers for a more fun and playful storage crate: paint a wooden crate red with “Fire Department” in black on the side.


11 Hassle Free Kids Toy Storage Ideas: #6 Suitcases

6. Storage as Decor: Make storing toys playful by using vintage suitcases (Country Living).

7.  Hooks and Railings: Railings can be fitted to a wall. These can have small buckets or containers with hooks hanging off of them – used to store art and craft items like crayons or Legos.

8. What’s Under the Bed? In the bedroom you can have rolling containers and storage units that can slide under the bed to store toys or be used as book storage. Or use a bed that has shelves and cubbies underneath – this can be DIYed with pallets – have a look at my kids bedroom storage post for an example.

9. Space Saving: There are over the door storage organizer hangers (get one here) that can be used to store toys in the bedroom or bathroom. Other storage solutions include fitting hooks or a railing low down on the back of the door.

11 Hassle Free Kids Toy Storage Ideas: #10 Bath time toys

10. Bath Time Toys: A bath shelf caddy or a wall railing with hanging baskets can be used to store bath toys – get one here. To prevent slipping, make sure the storage units are close to the ground, or close to the bathtub so that the children don’t over reach.

11 Hassle Free Kids Toy Storage Ideas: #11 Outdoor toy storage

11. Outdoor Toy Storage: For outdoor toys, like sports balls – build a simple ball container with bungee cord, letting your kids have easy access to the balls – The Family Handyman.

Safety Note

Just a quick note on safety. Everywhere thats ideal for kids toy storage, as in low down to the ground, is also a place to avoid storing any hazardous materials or sharp objects such as cleaning liquids, tools, or glass objects.

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