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Stress Free Living: How To Declutter Your Bedroom

Stress Free Living: How To Declutter Your Bedroom

Imagine checking into a hotel room and how relaxing it can be. You only brought what you need. The hotel room is tidy, relaxing, and clutter free. Creating this feeling in your own bedroom isn’t that hard. In this post I’ll show you the 4 checklist steps on how to organize your bedroom to declutter and create a relaxing space.

Step 1: Identify the Clutter Areas

Clutter piles up in certain areas. The first step to declutter your bedroom it is to take a look around the room and see where the problem areas are.

Some areas to watch out for include:

  • Bedside tables
  • Dressing tables (makeup, jewellry, etc.)
  • Ontop of counters
  • Inside closets
  • Inside drawers

Step 2: Pick Which Way you Want to Declutter

A) Bit by Bit: Pick one area and tackle that area for the day. A draw, or say the bedside table. This decluttering method works slowly, but is ideal if you are limited on time. The upside is that you accomplish decluttering one area, instead of trying to tackle the whole room and not really decluttering any one area. You slowly build momentum.

B) All in One: Grab some boxes, and chuck everything (or almost everything) in the boxes and put these boxes in another room. This way you get the decluttered feeling straight away. You’ll then go through and sort through the boxes outside of the bedroom when you have time.

C) Trash It: Grab trash bags, and storage boxes and take the day to completely go through everything and either trash it, store it, or find a place for it in the bedroom. Make it a goal of doing it in one day. Otherwise it might just drag on and never get done. Be ruthless in throwing things out, and once you build momentum you’ll be able to work faster and faster. Don’t stop and think too much on one item, keep moving forward.

Step 3: Clutter Busters

To beat clutter, you’ll need to find a way to keep things a bit more organized. The key here is to make it as easy as possible for you to keep things tidy.

The easiest way to do this is by having ‘clutter bowls’. These are decorative bowls placed in clutter prone areas. Have one by the bedside or on the dresser to hold your keys, wallet, phone, coins, etc.

These bowls group together clutter items, making for a cleaner and tidy space. It is a quick fix. The same can be done in drawers and on shelves.

There are more sophisticated organisation and declutter options than the ‘clutter’ bowls, but the bowls are the fastest and easiest way to go.


Drawers are where things go to get lost. They get buried, and pushed to the back. Horrible places. You should never really have just one big draw open like that if you want to store a number of items in them. Instead have drawer dividers. This helps group things together, creates an isolated space for items, and prevents things from getting mixed up.


The same thing for drawers can be said for shelves. If you are storing a number of items on a shelf, and they get moved around a lot, then you’ll want to have shelf dividers to keep things inline.

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Get Rid of Visual Clutter

Clutter usually comes in the small form. Bits and pieces here and there. But I think there is also visual clutter that needs to be taken of, which helps greatly in creating a relaxing space.

For example, imagine if your closet didn’t have doors and you could see everything inside of it from your bed. I’d rather have curtains put up so it is hidden away.

If you have gym equipment, or something like a home office – try and hide it away by hanging up a curtain or build a DIY room divider (Ideas Mood Board: DIY Room Divider).

Try and keep your bedroom visually clutter free.  Store items in decorative storage containers such as wicker baskets, wire baskets, galvanized containers, etc.

Step 4: Build on That Clutter Free Feeling

Now that you have a more relaxing bedroom space, you’ll want to keep it that way. One way to do this is to buy premium statement pieces for your bedroom. Spending a little money on some premium and luxury items will make you want to take care of your room, and make sure that you keep it tidy and clutter free.

Since the bed is the biggest piece in the bedroom, making it the focal point, I’d say buy some premium bedding.

Wall art is another area to splurge.

If the bedside table is a problem area, then splurge on an art/decor piece that can be placed on the table. Same goes for any countertops. Replace the clutter with premium, highly loved decor pieces.

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