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Simple Bathroom Decor Ideas To Transform and Style Your Space

Simple Bathroom Decor Ideas To Transform and Style Your Space

It doesn’t take much to transform a bathroom space. You don’t need a huge budget or fancy interior design skills. A few simple ideas, focusing on the main areas in the bathroom, is all it takes to create a well designed space. Check out these simple bathroom decor ideas anyone can use in their own home.

Simple Decor Ideas and Accessories

Here are some simple and inexpensive decor ideas:

  • Get rid of any cheap looking branded plastic bottles you have around the sink. Hand soap, lotions, and other liquids can be pored into glass bottles, such as vintage ones (Home Decor Ideas: Using Vintage Glass Bottles). Now you have good looking bottles decorating your bathroom.
  • Etsy has a bunch of hand crafted tooth brush holders that look great. You could also go for a wooden tray or bowl to group together clutter (contact lenses, creams, razors) creating a cleaner space.
  • Bringing flowers or greenery into the bathroom adds color and makes the space feel fresh.
  • For a kids bathroom, you can get wall decals of animals, letters and numbers (Kids Bathroom Decor and Design Ideas)

The Big Pieces

The shower curtain is a big piece in the bathroom, and the style you choose for it can impact the look and feel of the room. Ruffled curtains will create a shabby chic look, while a hookless shower curtain can create a modern look. While using a colored shower curtain will add to the color scheme of the bathroom. For more ideas and a mood board have a look here: Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas: From Space Saving to Decorative Extras.

On the Walls, Floors and Ceilings

For the Walls

On the walls you’ve got paint colors and textured looks to choose from:

You can easily update or restyle the bathroom by changing or reframing the mirror. For more wall decor ideas have a look at my mood board here: Style Guide: Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas.

Above I talked about how shower curtains take up a lot of visual space, and can help style the room. So can the curtains covering the windows. They take up a lot of the wall space and are a feature in the bathroom. There are all sorts of curtain designs you could go for, but there are also a range of blinds (bamboo ones look good), tie back ideas, and curtain rods – that all play a part in styling your bathroom. For ideas and a mood board have a look here: Light and Privacy: Ideas for Bathroom Window Treatments.

Simple Bathroom Decor Ideas To Transform and Style Your Space

On the Floor

The material and design you use for your flooring will also play a major role in the style and feel of your bathroom. You’ve got the classic choices of tiles and hard wood floors. But you can also get decorative vinyl and laminate flooring – ones that mimic hardwood flooring and stone. My mood board here goes over all kinds of flooring designs and materials: Bathroom Flooring Ideas, Designs, and Materials Options.

Adding floor mats can also add to the decor in your bathroom. A colorful mat can add a dynamic pop in the bathroom. While a wooden bath mat creates a more spa like feeling.


Yes you can even style your ceiling if you wanted to. If you want to create a shabby chic styled bathroom, you could hang a canopy over the bath tub. You could also use textured Anagypta wallpaper to add some style to the ceiling. For more ideas and a mood board have a look here: Bathroom Ceiling Ideas: From Cove to Tiled Designs.

Setting the Mood

There are a few decor pieces that can help create a spa like mood in your bathroom. Spa lighting is one idea. These are waterproof lights that you can stick to the side of your bathtub or just have floating around in the water. Now you can turn off your ceiling lights and relax in a soft glow of lights.

Candles are also great for relaxing in the bathroom. If you are worried about the fire hazard, use floating candles in a bowl. Or go with battery powered candles. Aromatherpy candles or an oil burner is a little luxury item to add to your bathroom.

image credits: mood board / black and gold

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