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Purple Bedroom Designs: Inspiration Mood Board

Purple Bedroom Designs

When we talk about decorating a bedroom in a color, the biggest question is how much purple do you want? Some people will like a bedroom that have all of the walls covered in purple as seen in picture (1). Others will like a more toned down version, and have one wall (usually the one against the headboard) painted in purple while the rest of the walls are painted more neutrally like the purple bedroom designs in picture (2) (3) and (4). Another option is to keep the walls free of purple and instead decorate the room with purple accessories. It doesn’t take much to create a purple color scheme.

Purple Color Scheme: Another design question to go over is what shade of purple to use. Going for a dark purple shade will create a romantic and cozy feeling room as seen in picture (5), but it will also make the space feel a bit smaller and darker (which is alright if you have a large master bedroom). While a light shade of purple will create a bright and spacious feeling bedroom (6). Then there is the option of adding in another color to the palette like the yellow and purple bedroom in picture (7).

The Walls: We always recommend taking a look at our textured wall painting post: Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects. Yes you can paint a wall in plain purple, but why not get a little create and add a luxurious touch. In the textured painting post we go over simple ideas on how you can create a linen effect (using a dry brush) or a marble texture (using a sponge), plus other simple techniques.

Then there is purple wallpaper. Have a look at our post for ideas and design tips when wallpapering a bedroom: Wallpaper Ideas for the Bedroom.

Purple Accessories: Another design option is to go for neutral white walls and add in purple decor pieces to the room. Take a look at the bed – it takes up so much space in the bedroom that it is a focal point. Just by using purple bedding you’ve already created a purple styled bedroom – like the bedrooms in pictures (8) and (9). Add in a few other purple elements and furniture piece here and there and you are all set – curtains, shag rug, picture or mirror frame (10), etc. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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