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Design Choices: Vintage Kitchen Sinks

Design Choices: Vintage Kitchen Sinks

The Porcelain Tub

The best vintage kitchen sink design to go for is a porcelain tub. Just with this alone, you have a lot of different design choices:

  • There is the single tub (just like in picture (1))
  • You have the longer sinks, that are one single piece with a backsplash (2)
  • There are porcelain sinks that are divided into sections. Two separate sinks or a kitchen sink with a drainboard.
  • You can even get decorative porcelain (3)
  • An alternative to all of this porcelain talk is a hand hammered copper sink tub, seen in picture (4)

Free Standing vs Built In

You didn’t use to have all of these built in, space saving kitchen designs. Old kitchens would have free standing sinks (just like in picture (5)). A great look. But if you are tight on space, then it would be best to have a countertop with storage space underneath (6).

Viintage kitchen sink ideas


The pictures in the mood board above show a few different ideas on how to build in the porcelain sink. You have built in marble and granite countertops. There are countertops that let the front of the sink stick out a bit. And then there is the more vintage farmhouse kitchen style of having a wooden countertop (7).

Vintage Kitchen Sink Faucets and Taps

Most people will go for more modern stainless steel pieces. But if you want to keep with the vintage style, then use brass pieces – just like the vintage sink design in photograph (8).


There are an endless amount of ideas when it comes to backsplash designs. The sleekest option would be a porcelain sink with a backsplash. Another route would be to use tiles. Using subway tiles creates a sleek stylish design in the space.

For more backsplash ideas, check out my post here:

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March 16, 2016 in Design Styles, Kitchen, Vintage Design
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