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Flooring Ideas for the Bedroom

Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Yup, there are a ton of different materials you can use when it comes to bedroom flooring, everything from tiles (stone, clay), woods (teak, koa, bamboo), cork, marble, laminate to concrete and carpeting. The best flooring option for your bedroom will be based on these few criteria: cost, durability, and heating needs (tiles are better for homes in hotter climates – laminate can be a better choice for bedrooms that will need under floor heating). In this post we are not going to talk much about what material to choose, but instead we’ll go over creative flooring design ideas – like arrangements and using different shades of tiles or wooden planks.

One thing to remember when choosing the style and color of the floor that you want to have laid down, is that it will play a big role in the overall color scheme of the bedroom. Having dark walls and dark flooring will create a cozy intimate feeling room for example. Light colored walls and light colored flooring will create a bright and spacious bedroom. Have a look at some of our bedroom color scheme posts to see some color combinations.

Going With Tiles: When it comes to tiles there are the simple, rustic designs. You can even get tiles that mimic hardwoods (1) (2). Then there are decorative and patterned designs which give a more vintage and traditional look (3).

There are a few things you can do with tiles to create a more unique floor design. One idea is to use different sized tiles to create the layout – like mixing square and rectangle tiles. Or how about laying out a border to break up the floor design? Another great look is if you were to use two slightly different shades, for example a brown and a slightly darker brown – this creates a timeless patterned look.

Designing with Concrete: A finished concrete floor is one of the more cheaper flooring options. This doesn’t have to be the sterile and industrial grey texture that it is known for. You can make it look more modern by having it polished – it can even be stained to create a color (4). Concrete can also be stamped to resemble hardwood planks and tiles.

Wooden Bedroom Flooring Ideas: When it comes to laying down wooden flooring, the go to design is to lay long planks in a parallel formation – which is a simple way of going about it. Then there are parquet floors, where a mosaic arrangement is made with short wooden pieces. The most famous parquet pattern is the herringbone (5). Other patterns include the ones seen in pictures (6) (7) (8) and the more chevron style seen in picture (9).

The patterned arrangements mentioned above can be done with a single shade of wood, or you create a even more patterned effect by using two or more different wooden shades (10).

Rugs: One last bedroom flooring idea to put to use are area rugs (11). These can help soften cold floors (and soften the floors of kids’ bedrooms), and they can also add a pop of color or add to the color scheme of the bedroom. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11

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