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Style Guide: 10 Vintage Kitchen Table Ideas and Designs

Style Guide: 10 Vintage Kitchen Table Ideas and Designs

You don’t even need to buy a new table to create a vintage looking one in your kitchen. You can simply cover your existing table with a vintage style tablecloth. In this post you can find a list of vintage kitchen table ideas, from using tablecloths to different table designs.

And for ideas on what to use as a centerpiece, have a look at my post here: Table Decor: Vintage Centerpiece Ideas.

Cover Your Existing Table

  1. Stitch doilies onto an off white cotton table cloth to give it a little vintage style, just like the table in picture (1)
  1. Lace is another tablecloth idea that will transform a kitchen table into a vintage looking one (2)
  1. Or a vintage style tablecloth, like the one in picture (3) can be used to cover your existing table. You can get one in the Amazon window below.


Table Styles

  1. If you have a small kitchen, then opt for a round wooden one, that has tapered legs. You can buy the one in picture (4) from Urban Outfitters.
  1. If you do have space in your kitchen, then how about the kitchen table in picture (5). All you need to recreate this look is a wooden table, and white paint to paint everything but the tops. A classic look. Or you can buy a set already looking like this in the Amazon window above.
  1. You can white wash a wooden table for a more shabby chic look. This is when you mix white paint with water and paint over furniture. It gives the furniture a light covering of paint, just like the table in picture (6).
  1. A farmhouse style table is another way to go. The kitchen in picture (7) has a table with chipped white paint, and uses a bench instead of individual chairs.
  1. If you can find some reclaimed planks of wood, these can be used to replace the top of your existing table (8).
  1. If you want to add more color to your kitchen, then use light pastel colors to paint a wooden table. Paint colors such as mint, baby blue, or a really pale yellow would work well for a vintage kitchen. The table in picture (9) is quite bright, and has the chipped look effect for a more shabby chic look.
  1. And for a more retro look, check out the vintage formica kitchen table in picture (10). You can find one of these metal tables in the Amazon window above.

Vintage kitchen table ideas

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