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Styling Your Space: Vintage Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Styling Your Space: Vintage Bedroom Furniture Ideas

There are only a few pieces of furniture that are standard in a bedroom. In this post I’ll be focusing on ideas for 5 vintage bedroom furniture pieces, 1) the bed, 2) the dresser, 3) a side table, 4) a bedside bench, and 5) the closets.

Vintage bedroom furniture ideas

1. The Different Vintage Bed Styles

For me, the go to choice here would be a farmhouse style one, just like in picture (1) – and you can get one here. Some other ideas include going with a four post bed, or a wrought iron bed. Look for French inspired designs, like the curved headboard in the bedroom in picture (2).

Don’t forget that bedsheets can really style a bedroom since they take up a lot of visual space. Choices here include white, offwhite, lace (3), quilts, and light pastel colored sheets.

Bedroom furniture, vintage dresser

2. Choosing a Vintage Dresser

In the mood board you can see the:

  • Stylized wooden dresser in picture (4)
  • The mint painted dresser (5) that will nicely add a pop of color in any bedroom. And then the more traditional French style dresser – with decorative trim, and curvy legs with the claw feet (6)

3. A Vintage Style Side Table

Here are some ideas on the kind of side table to get:

  • A trunk
  • A small round table with tapered legs
  • Or a small metal one
  • Or make your own vintage inspired side table with hairpin legs (7).

4. Add Some Storage and Seating

A trunk at the foot of your bed can be used for storage and as a seat. This can be a solid wooden trunk, a metal one, or a wicker hamper.

And if you have space for a freestanding closet, then get one that looks like the one in picture (8). If you have built in closet, then the next idea is for you.

5. Give Your Closet a Vintage Makeover

The look of your closet doors can really set the style and feel of your bedroom. Why not check out my post here (DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors a Makeover) to see more closet makeovers like the one in picture (9)

Here are some more vintage mood board posts to get ideas from:


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March 24, 2016 in Bedroom, Vintage Design
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