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Style Guide: Blue Bedroom Ideas and Designs

Style Guide: Blue Bedroom Ideas and Designs

The pictures in the mood board go from dark blue to light blue. Each color creates a very different feeling in the room.

Before we get to the blue bedroom ideas and design tips in this post, remember to always test paint colors before painting the whole room. Test a sample of the paint color on a small section of your wall or on a piece of canvas. Since the color you see on the screen will be different in real life.

The Elegance of a Dark Blue Bedroom

A bedroom with a dark blue color palette, like the navy blue bedroom in picture (1), creates a more romantic, intimate, cozy, and luxurious bedroom.

A Little Bit of Green

The bedroom in picture (4) is more of a dark turquoise color, creating the most luxurious looking bedroom out of the bunch.

Blue bedroom decor ideas

Going Bright and Light

A light shade of blue, a more pastel paint color, creates the feeling of a more spacious and brighter bedroom. Which you can see in the light blue bedroom in picture (5).

Also take note of the bedroom design in picture (6). How only one wall, the one behind the bed, is painted blue while the rest are in white. This creates a more toned down blue style in the bedroom. You could even go with all white walls and decorate the space with blue bedroom decor pieces, and blue furniture. You could use blue bed sheets, blue curtains, or even a blue painting hanging over the headboard to style the room blue.

3 Decorating Tips

  • Break up all a blue painted wall with neutral colored curtains (2)
  • Wainscoting and crown molding is another way to break up a flat wall and add some depth to it
  • Adding texture is another way to add depth and a subtle design element to a wall – just like the bedroom in picture (3). This can be done using a sponge (Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects).

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