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Style Guide: Black and Gold Bedroom Ideas

Style Guide: Black and Gold Bedroom Ideas

Black and gold. Now that is a classy combination for a bedroom color palette. It can be a bit tough trying to figure out which parts of the bedroom to make black and which parts to make gold without overdoing it. There is the mood board above that shows different interior designs, and here is a quick list of some black and gold bedroom ideas to help get you started.

If you keep to a black and white color palette in the bedroom, then all you’ll need is just 1 gold statement piece that will stand out and style the room. You could always do more though.

Black and gold bedroom ideas

This 1 golden piece could any of these decorating ideas:

  • A painting over the bed just like in bedroom (1)
  • A gold bed sheet set (2) (3)
  • A chandelier or a pendant lamp, like the chandelier in picture (4)
  • A bedside lamp (5)
  • A gold bedroom decor piece such as a sculpture
  • Or a golden piece of furniture such as a stool

A golden frame on a black wall really stands out. To keep to the strict color palette for your room, you’ll want to go with a black and white painting (6) or picture in the frame. Hanging up a colorful piece will take away from the glamorous black and gold bedroom color scheme. Or you could just put up a decorative frame with nothing in it just like in bedrooms (7) (8).

Gold and black bedroom idea

Have a look at these posts for more ideas:


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March 25, 2016 in Bedroom, Color Palettes
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