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39 Cool Basement Ideas: From Secret Doors To Your Own Brewery

39 Cool Basement Ideas: From Secret Doors To Your Own Brewery

A basement is a quite and secluded space in the house. So cool ideas for it should be based around this. Here is a list of 39 cool basement ideas and designs, ranging from a real life hockey rink (hard to believe but it has been done), to a digital driving range.

Basement brewery

  1. How about having a huge aquarium or terrarium – like the one under the basement stairs in picture (5)
  2. Or build your own indoor garden, and grow your own food
  3. Turn the whole space into a sheet fort either a relaxing one like in picture (2) or a more fun kids style one
  4. Or how about brewing you own beer in a basement brewery just like the one in picture (4)
  5. Skip all of the equipment and set up a standard basement bar instead (8 Different Basement Bar Ideas and Designs)
  6. Create your own secluded man cave getaway (The Cave: Basement Ideas for Men)
  7. This one is hard to believe, until you see it. A mini hockey rink (with synthetic ice) – check it out here  
  8. How about a ball pit?
  9. Rock lined entrance (1) and staircase down into the basement
  10. Build out your dream home office aka Command Center (Ideas For Turning a Basement Space Into A Home Office)
  11. Keep with the cozy and isolate vibe of the basement with a fire pit
  12. Or a rock climbing gym (over a ball pit)
  13. How about a standard home gym (Ideas for Setting up a Home Gym in a Basement)
  14. Have a glass divider between a pool and the basement. A basement glimmering in blue.
  15. Or why not have the swimming pool in the basement
  16. Have your own workshop, building space, makerspace to experiment and make crazy cool things with
  17. Slide down a fireman pole down into the basement
  18. Or just your standard slide
  19. Cover the walls with framed pieces to create your own art gallery
  20. Hide shelves and the good things (like a mini bar) behind framed pictures – just like in picture (6)
  21. Build a secret room behind a book case
  22. Set up a special screen, a tee, and you’ll have your own digital driving range
  23. How about a home theater with it’s own popcorn machine (Designs and Ideas For a Basement Home Theater)
  24. An arcade room
  25. Create a video games room with a projector and fridge
  26. Cover the walls with art work and set yourself up with an artist studio (or crafts room)
  27. A wine cellar (3 Ideas for Basement Wine Cellar Designs)
  28. Or a cigar room
  29. Surround yourself with books by creating a reading nook
  30. Or build yourself a relaxing sanctuary with a hammock area
  31. Turn the basement space into your own meditation studio
  32. How about building a home spa (sauna, steam room)
  33. Fit fiber optic lighting in the ceiling to create a constellation sky
  34. Turn the basement into a pool or snooker room
  35. Do you have the space for a bowling alley (3)?
  36. Build out a sports memorabilia room
  37. A poker room, with a mini bar and cigar humidor nearby
  38. How about creating a music room
  39. Or a rustic log cabin getaway – with exposed beams, stone walls and coutertops, a fireplace, leather chairs, and wooden flooring

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